“The Hard Stuff” with Acrassicauda at Red 7

Becoming a successful musician almost always requires overcoming numerous road blocks before you hit Easy Street, and even then there seem to be about a jillion stop signs. Struggling to get a record deal, having to play shows for eight-person audiences, band members quitting, creative differences, and grueling tours are all challenges that many bands face in their journeys to fame. However, these road blocks are nothing compared the the struggles that Iraqui metal band, Acrassicauda, has faced in their ten years of collaboration.

Born out of Baghdad in 2001, Acrassicauda has become one of the most popular thrash metal bands in the Middle East. The band formed under the rule of Saddam Hussein, and gained rapid acclaim. Their audience broadened after Vice Magazine published a profile on the band and even more so after being featured in popular documentary Heavy Metal in Baghdad. In 2003, a mere two years after the band’s formation, American forces invaded Iraq. The climate and tolerance for heavy metal music changed drastically. The band received numerous death threats from Islamic militants who believed their music was a form of Satan-worship. Tensions rose and eventually the band had to flee to Syria, and then Turkey before finally qualifying for refugee status after a six year struggle to come to the United States.

Now, arguing over which album cover option you look hotter in sounds kind of petty doesn’t it? In the first installment of “The Hard Stuff” with Adi Anand, Acrassicauda is coming right here to Austin to play Red 7 along with Eagle Claw, Contact High Five, and Ink Blot. After ten long years, this is the band’s first US Tour, so we’re amped to have them making Austin one of their stops along the way.

So here are the details: Next Tuesday, 5/24, head to Red 7 to see Acrassicauda at 9pm. If you click “I like it” on the event, you’ll be entered for the chance to win a pair of free tickets to the show too! The band will also be doing a Q&A session at End of an Ear at 6pm earlier that same day. After the odyssey these guys have endured, it’s bound to be an incredibly interesting and moving testimonial.

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One Response to “The Hard Stuff” with Acrassicauda at Red 7

  1. Hannes Kraus-Caesar says:

    Macht weiter so, Jungs! Ihr seid toll!
    Keep on, Boyz! You’re so great!

    Hannes, Stuttgart, Germany
    P.S.: Would like to see you one day in my town!

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