Zeke, Antiseen, Joe Buck yourself, & Goddamn Gallows @ Red 7

If you find yourself in the mood to have your face melted on Saturday, May 21st, your best bet is getting over to Red 7 for more punk rock bands than you’ll know what to do with.

Zeke first made waves in 1993 and the momentum never faded – they’ve been performing and recording since they got together almost two decades ago. Six full length albums later and they have yet to lose their edge. Speaking of bands who have stood test of time, North Carolina’s ANTiSEEN has been touring since 1983. While there has been a lot of turnover with band members throughout the years, a few things have remained constant: Joseph Young, Jeffrey Clayton, and an undying love for professional wrestling. Perhaps we’ll be seeing a musical tribute to Abdullah the Butcher on stage at Red 7? It wouldn’t be the first time.

Punk rocker Jim Finkley has played with different bands and different artists over the years, but when he tours internationally as a solo artist he goes under the name Joe Buck Yourself. Pretty clever if you ask me. Also performing will be The Goddamn Gallows, punk rock-meets-hillbilly band hailing from Detroit. Not what you might expect from the Great Lakes but it’s made me like them even more.

Saturday, May 21st @ Red 7. Doors 9:30pm.

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