Memorial Weekend Bash with Saints of Valory

Before you get on your schmancy boats and shoot off your sparkly fireworks, or whatever you crazy folk are planning to do this Memorial weekend, you’ll need a killer kick off party to get you started. Saints of Valory along with Smoke and Feathers, The Orbans and Language Room are giving you just that; a MEMORIAL WEEKEND BASH WITH FREE BOOZE! And it is as exciting as the capital letters imply. Four awesome bands, free vodka while the supply lasts and an absurd amount of fun for only $7 when you RSVP on Do512.

Saints of Valory are blowing up in Austin, having taken up residency here only less than a year ago, but they’re actually from all over the map. Each hails from a different country, Gavin from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Godfrey from southern California, Gerard from France and Stephen from Canada. Their sound can be described as “the illegitimate love child of Coldplay, Kings of Leon and The Killers,” except they’re totally legit. Too legit to quit. Their live performance is exactly what you hope for every time; a crystal clear, piercing voice and flawless instrumentals that always impress. Here’s a new video of Saints of Valory performing ‘Powerful Poison’ at rehearsal:

Each one of these bands holds a distinct purpose in the Austin music scene. Smoke and Feathers’ eerie southern psychedelic rock, The Orbans a blend of americana pop, and Language Room’s indie pop rock will provide a night you don’t want to miss!

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