Austin Sketch Fest 5/26-5/29 @ Spiderhouse & ColdTowne Theater

Did you know that Austin has a sketch comedy scene? It’s gotten so big, in fact, that the Austin Sketch Fest has grown to encompass 4 days of the Memorial Day weekend (May 26th – 29th). Here, you will be treated to the best sketch comedy our nation has to offer; seriously, acts from all over America will be in Austin for this event, including people from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater and The Tonight Show. So if you feel like laughing over Memorial Day or have family coming in and don’t have a clue as to what to do with them… here’s an idea.

Day 1 Thu. 05/26 | 8:00PM @ ColdTowne Theater

8PM – 10PM
Ghetto Sketch Warlock (Austin, TX)— Bringing you the best of hip-hop musicals, video,and live sketches. Quite an intriguing combination don’t you think?

The P! Company (Austin, TX) — These guys are probably one of the best things to come out of Katy, TX. Their comedy is heaven for the closet nerd; what is better than comedic sketches about UFOs, comics, and video games? For the closet nerd that I am probably nothing, unless they threw some Star Wars in there.

Turn of the Century Paris (Austin, TX)— According to this troupe, they won’t stop until they have conquered the world. Being voted “Outstanding Sketch Show” at ColdTowne and “Highly Recommended” by the Austin Chronicle it seems that they aren’t far from the mark.

Night Show w/ Josh Krilov (Austin, TX)— ColdTowne Theater’s late night talk show that has sold out for the past 6 months. Guests are TBA but with monologues, videos, and host Joshua Krilov it’ll be a memorable experience not to be forgotten.

Day 2 Fri. 05/27 | 8:00PM @ Spiderhouse

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8PM – 10PM

ColdTowne Mainstage presents Cereal For Adults (Austin, TX)

BLEAK! Comedy (Brooklyn, NY)– Coming all the way from New York, BLEAK! Comedy has performed in many a theater in New York including the Upright Citizen’s Brigade; which is another AMAZING comedy troupe. These guys are a must see to be at that level of legitimacy.

10PM – 12AM

Stag Comedy (Austin, TX)– Bringing smiles to your faces since the 18th century featuring live and video sketches that were meant to be enjoyed.

Audience of Two (Brooklyn, NY)– Starting out as a late night radio show and having done this kind of thing for the past 10 years; these guys are kind of geniuses in this department. How else would they still be together if they didn’t make people laugh?

Day 3 Sat. 05/28 | 8:00PM @ Spiderhouse

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8PM – 10PM

Midnight Society Presents (Austin, TX)– ColdTowne’s very own comedy troupe and nominated for various awards in the improv scene Midnight Society has become one of those troupes that just work and you don’t know why. It amazes you in more ways than you could imagine and will boggle your mind to no end.

Saddle Dads (Chicago, IL)– All you need to know: experience and fun factor 10/10

10PM – 12AM

Your Terrific Neighbors (Austin, TX)

Delicious Moments (Los Angeles, CA)

Day 4 Sun. 05/29 | 7:00PM @ ColdTowne Theater

Click “I Like it” for the chance to win one of two all festival passes!

7-8 PM

Best-Of-the-Festival Show

8:30 PM

Rattlesnake (Austin, TX)– This all female troupe will be there for you to give advice on important topics such as auditioning for certain jobs and school gym teachers; giving you all of the facts that you never really wanted to know but will find to be hilarious anyway.

Broadminded (Milwaukee, WI)

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