TV Dinner at The Highball

There’s something nostalgic about sitting in front of the TV with a plate full of food, watching a full evening’s episodes of your favorite cheesy sitcoms and dramas for hours on end. Especially when I can find back-to-back episodes of the good 90s stuff, like Saved By The Bell, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or Beverly Hills 90210. Every week at the Highball, they’ve turned this stay-home pastime into a weekly outing called TV Dinner. Now you can leave your couch and still feel the comforts of home, except in better clothes, with better food and others who share your down-time interests.

Every Monday at 7pm John Smith and James Pound host a free night with four classic episodes of an iconic TV show along with plenty of hilarity, games, trivia and ridiculous fun between episodes. Next week they screen Arrested Development, aka the best show ever created, so get there early to grab a good spot.

The Highball is also giving away free group bowling on Do512! Click “I like it” on The Highball’s events to enter to win. Here’s something fun you might find on a given TV Dinner night:

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One Response to TV Dinner at The Highball

  1. Nicole says:

    Best SBTB clip ever.

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