The Fireworks Club and Give Away

Join The [Fireworks] Club

Now we all know fireworks are rad. They make holidays more exciting and turn any ordinary day into an impromptu celebration. Why save fireworks for only once or twice a year when they’re so much fun? Because we haven’t found an easy, reliable and affordable resource. Yet…

The Fireworks Club gives you the most BANG! for your buck. This Austin organization is the nation’s only public fireworks group buying club. It’s an opportunity to receive factory direct pricing for fireworks in bulk. With 85 combined years of firework staff experience, as well as top quality, hand-picked products, you can rest assured know you’re getting the good stuff. What’s more? They’re offering a discount for $10 off membership for a limited time when you use the code “DO512” (in caps) as well as a chance to win one of three prize packages!

It works like this: for every dollar you apply towards your membership, The Fireworks Club gives you three to four times that amount in higher end, larger fireworks than you’d otherwise get at any fireworks stand. They never ship last year’s leftovers, no duplicates and no duds, 100% guaranteed. And, they offer free shipping to your doorstep. Come on, how can you not buy fireworks with this deal? The Fireworks Club offers two packages: Aerial and Novelty, with different levels of membership for each. The Aerial package is meant for serious pyros, containing the largest fireworks consumers can legally buy. They’re insane.

Sign up now to receive the discounted membership with code “Do512″and click “I like it” on Do512 Fireworks Club Contest page for your chance to win one of three $300 fireworks packages.

Learn more about The Fireworks Club on their website You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter @FireworksClub for instant updates.

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7 Responses to The Fireworks Club and Give Away

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  3. peter says:

    fire ban. hello

  4. peter says:

    fire ban. hello!

  5. Helen Fremin says:

    Most counties in Texas are banning fireworks because of the threat of fire.

  6. Whitney says:

    This is the most irresponsible thing I can think of. You should be ASHAMED of yourselves, Do512!!! There’s a fireban in almost every Texas county, and even city-approved fireworks shows have been cancelled. This is a horrific giveaway, and shows nothing but GREED and POOR THINKING on your part.

  7. Bev Smoot says:

    My line of fireworks would be called ATX Bombshells!!

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