Xavier Rudd with HoneyHoney

Up there with some of the most interesting acts to see live, Xavier Rudd and HoneyHoney are coming to La Zona Rosa Tuesday, May 24. Xavier Rudd is a one-man-band and a spectacle to watch perform. With an acoustic guitar in his hand, hand drums at his side, a lapsteel on his lap, a harmonica around his neck and a didgeridoo inches from his face, Xavier is quite literally a machine. He’s become a fixture on the festival circuit, having played ACL, Bonnaroo, Wakarusa and High Sierra among others as well as all over the Australian scene where he’s a native. You can call him a folk or blues artist if you want, but he throws in weird and original shit that makes you wonder what in the world your listening to.

I can’t seem to stop watching his live videos and I think you deserve to see this magic for yourself:

You can find duo HoneyHoney all over the festival circuit as well. Here’s a bit about Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe of HoneyHoney where they answer questions as the other person:

Q: How would you describe your music?

Ben: Suzanne would say something along the lines of “Rocktastic” or “Freeky Deeky”

Suzanne: Ben would say that we are basically pop music.

Q: What/who are your influences?

Ben: I think Suzanne sounds like a mix of Billy Holiday, Chrissie Hynde, and Jack Black.

Suzanne: Ben’s influences are D’Angelo, Gershwin, Randy Newman, Brian Wilson and Satan.

Q: What is the motivation behind your music/lyrics?

Ben and Suzanne (loudly, in unison): To tell a good story.

To enter win a pair of tickets click “I like it” on the event page on Do512!

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