Keeping Up With the Do512 All-Stars: part six

All-Star: imorales is constantly on the music scene. As the Editor in Chief  for Austin Vida and Red River Noise, he has to be. So we look to him and his personal blog, to find some of the latest music news and see what’s worth checking out.

This past week he introduced us to Making Movies, Latin Alternative band from Kansas City with a great story you can read more about here.

Yesterday Ian announced the new Austin Vida live videos to premier soon. Be sure to stay up to date with their new live videos featuring performances by Sour Soul, The Young Maths, Vinyl Dharma and more. Follow @ianmorales and @austinvida for updates.


All-Star: Mofoz is a streetwear/lifestyle brand that promotes contemporary fashion, art, music and design. They’re just a creative bunch of guys, doing what they do and love and then letting us in on it. And they make some kickass Custom Kicks and art.

Here’s a cool video called “Dream away” made by friends Jaysin and Anecha.

“We only given so much time up in this emptiness, I think its wasted restricting happiness-Lets get past all the bills and emotions-the laws and the judgements the morals and i told yas- talk about the world as it exist, all the fears and the boundaries imposed upon my limitless.”

Follow them at @mofoz


All-Star: Vivogig has plenty of fun new podcasts for us to watch, enjoy and get to know new bands at Firstly, Austin based indie rock/ Brit pop band, STEREO IS A LIE answers fans’ questions about… all kinds of things including: Why is Stereo a Lie? and How does the band always look so blooming sexy? Answers to those and more can be heard here

Last week they also reviewed a number of new releases, including Ponytail’s new album, Do Whatever You Want All The Time and Human by Sweden’s The Exploding Boy.

The reviewer describes Ponytail as “immensely enjoyable noise-poppy art rock” which sounds nothing short of stupendous. The Exploding Boy, he calls “a reinvention of the music genres of Electronica, Goth and New Wave, combined and refined through a filter of distance and time.” Go here to figure out what that means, and to learn more.

Find a list of their podcasts and videos here and you can subscribe to listen to all their upcoming and archived podcasts on iTunes.


All-Star: TapeBombs loves music in a bad way. And they love to share what they know with us in the form of Required Listening, New Music MondaysOutside the Fence suggestions, along with reviews and articles to keep us well informed of the ways. They told us of the wonders of Pachanga Festival- a full day of music at the east side’s Fiesta Gardens, featuring “a broad spectrum of Latino music, from legendary Tejano performers to multi-piece mariachi bands to radio rock stars and everything in between.” They sat down with one of the festival’s organizers and member of rock band Vallejo, Alex Vallejo.

“The line-up is old school with new school. Latino music has the stereotype of being associated with salsa, Tejano or pop — acts like Ricky Martin are who people think of with this genre. We want to break the stereotypes. The genre is electronica, punk rock, cumbia, mixed by DJs — it’s all fresh, but still with culture and heritage,” says Alex. Read the full interview here.

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