Win a $100 Gift Card Courtesy of Tippr!

The notion of spending a fraction of the cost on things we love just doesn’t get old. Deal sites can help us do that, but there always seems to be something missing, either the deals aren’t exactly what you’re looking for or it’s unclear of what you’re getting. Tippr isn’t another local deal site. It has everything the other guys are missing, including more options, bigger discounts and a greater availability, so you don’t have to hide the deals from your friends. They lay everything out on the table so you know exactly what you’re getting into every time. With Tippr, you get triple the daily deals and with the more people who sign up, the bigger and better the deal gets– up to 90% off.

Tippr is giving away a $100 Amazon Gift Card just for signing up on Do512. RSVP on the contest page on Do512 with your name and email, and you’re automatically entered for a chance to win!

It’s super simple and there’s nothing to lose. Sign up for free to receive three daily deals on anything from restaurants, bars, boutiques, events, spas, theaters and more. Get your friends to sign up too, because of their accelerated deals, the more people who buy them, the bigger the discount gets. Get whatever looks good to you and once the deal closes, you get an email with a coupon you can print and use like a gift card.

See how fun that is?

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