Chaos in Tejas Kick-Off: Cerebral Ballzy, Naw Dude, One Against Many @ Red 7 6/1

For the ‘Chaos In Tejas‘ celebration, Red 7 is really making things chaotic with the Kick-Off on Wednesday June 1st. As the Plucker’s trivia guy says, “Let me open your minds to some new music” (he is obsessed with hardcore and metal btw).

Chaos will truly ensue once Cerebral Ballzy, Naw Dude, and One Against Many begin thrashing on the guitars. And when I say thrashing, I mean some hardcore thrashing and debauchery will be afoot.

Cerebral Ballzy advocates a lifestyle many would seem to enjoy– play music, skate, eat pizza, drink beer, repeat– I certainly wouldn’t mind it. Taking a night off from touring with The Black Lips and Face to Face JUST to play another show takes dedication, drunkeness, and the will to party hard. Where the energy comes from cannot be explained, only seen.

Naw Dude keeps up the flow of energy with their hardcore sound. Described as weird, odd, and quirky. But don’t let the oddness defy you; these guys are relentless with the guitar and won’t let you stop thrash dancing until they are through with you. Best way to let off some steam from those issues that have been building up? I think so.

One Against Many is also a fast-paced, hardcore band that wishes to rock your face off. In fact they would love nothing more than to do just that. They’ve played with bands you could only dream of seeing. Now they only wish to use that experience to your benefit and watch you go apeballs.

Don’t have the thrash dancing bug out of your system (I’ve seen many of you and you don’t), want your chance to win FREE tickets to the show to thrash your mind away? Click “I Like It”  for just that.

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