Devin the Dude at Emo’s

“Devin the Dude is probably the best hip hop artist you’ve never heard.” That quote is from 10 years ago when it was probably true. After years of collaborating with rappers like Dr. Dre, the Roots, Nas, Scarface and De La Soul, the Dude is now a pretty big deal. Devin is from Houston and has some serious love for his city and his loyal fans. Growing up in Houston myself, I have friends who introduced me to him in the early 2000s and who still make sure to catch him whenever he plays in their respective locations. Everyone will be excited to learn, Devin the Dude will be in Austin this Saturday at Emo’s!

He’s probably one of the more  humble rappers you’ll meet even after hearing Snoop and Dr. Dre would listen to his earlier albums he recorded while part of the Oddsquad. He’s your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Called “a brilliant oddball with a spaced-out flow” by the New York Times, he has an original style, and always puts on a great show for his fans. You can tell he’s in it for the love, not the fame.

To enter to win a pair of free tickets from Do512, click “I like it” on the event page.

See the Dude do what he do:

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