One-Man Star Wars Trilogy @ The Long Center for the Performing Arts 5/31-6/5

“It’s a trap!” not really; what it really is though is the most interesting version of the original Star Wars Trilogy ever. The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy stars Charles Ross— a man of trilogies. Charles Ross brings childhood dreams to life, being Luke Skywalker coming to save the day; but what’s this? He’s also Darth Vader? Impossible!


It may not pan out exactly like this

But the One-Man Star Wars Trilogy is much more than you would expect; it’s the trilogy, but LIVE and with one man that kind of looks like Luke Skywalker. He plays all characters, sing all of the music and the effects; he even flies the ships and fights from both sides of the force. For 75 minutes you will be entertained without even thinking of being bored unless you either A) don’t like Star Wars or B) hate theatre.

Now if you like theatre and you love the ORIGINAL Star Wars Trilogy (as any Star Wars fan would tell you it’s much better than the “first 3” movies) then you will be in heaven; you will also want to buy a light saber even more than you already did.

To make this event even more of an oasis from reality, Do512 is giving away a FREE pair of TICKETS. Click “I Like It” and you could be that winner. The One-Man Star Wars Trilogy will be performing at The Long Center for the Performing Arts beginning May 31st to June 5th starting at 7PM. Get ready to have your mind blown.

Buy Tickets >>>here<<<

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