Citizen Generation’s CharityBash for Austin Parks Foundation

Most people don’t have the opportunity to eat fish tacos and help out public parks simultaneously, unless those parks are afflicted with an invasive group of voracious breaded tilapia. This Thursday, June 2nd, Citizen Generation’s Charity Bash at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar and Restaurant makes philanthropy easy for those who not only care about Austin’s flora and fauna, but also care about eating.

Citizen Generation is an organization dedicated to introducing philanthropy to a younger audience through fun events that aren’t prohibitively expensive. The organization partners with dozens of worthy causes to help them get funding through its CharityBash program. Past beneficiaries include Wildlife Rescue, Save the Children, and Austin Pets Alive. This week’s CharityBash benefits Austin Parks Foundation, an organization with a less urgent-sounding name than Save the Children or Wildlife Rescue, but with an equally important cause.

Patrons of Thursday’s CharityBash can rest assured that their $10 donation is going to help Austin Parks Foundation’s mission of developing and improving Austin-area parks. The organization runs an Adopt-A-Park program, targeted at the environmentally minded who have a Brangelina-esque need for adoption. Other programs include expanding Austin’s trail network, ecological restoration, and park advocacy (presumably against the powerfully evil anti-park lobby).

Some people would argue that a philanthropy event couldn’t possibly be better than helping a great cause and eating delicious food. Those hypothetical people would be dead wrong, because Do512 is giving away two pairs of FREE tickets to the event. All you have to do is click on the “I Like It” to have a chance at bagging the prize. That’s a pretty sweet deal for the amount of effort it takes to move your cursor.

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One Response to Citizen Generation’s CharityBash for Austin Parks Foundation

  1. Concert Diva says:

    This is great! People can have fun for a good cause. Hopefully I can make it to this event. It’s worth it!

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