Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part VII

Memorial Day weekend was hot. And for our Do512 All-Stars, and probably many of you, it was also pretty nuts.  Tons of music, parties, lake and river outings over the weekend– maybe even some r&r. Here’s what our All-Stars have been up to in this week’s edition of Keeping Up with the Do512 All-Stars-

All-Star: Chris Trew aka Terp2it  is a funny guy. He’s a national touring comedian, tours with The New Movement, blogs at, hosts the Air Sex Championships and founded the sketch comedy website Studio 8.

What has Chris Trew been up to his sunny Memorial Day weekend? A night in jail in New York City. Why? For posting 2 Terp2it stickers on a pole somewhere in Chinatown. Please do me a solid and read his complete jail adventure. It’s hilarious.

Here’s a video of Chris taking on the Eagle Deli Burger Challenge in Boston:

Follow him on the Twitter @christrew


All-Star 42277 aka Ryan Revolver is a clown. Not literally, of course, clowns are scary. But he is funny. He is a contributor for where their podcasts capture the funny, the random and the weird.

Of their last podcast by CJ Morgan, Double Deuce Episode XXII,

there was a lot of, well,

“Poop jokes flowing like, um… well like, hmmm. I can’t think of anything that works. Anyhow, when its episode “deuce deuce” we have to talk about poop at somepoint- so be ready.” –CJ Morgan of

Flock of Seagulls played this weekend and here’s what they had to say about it:

It should also be noted that this is how CJ envisioned the end of days aka The Raptor:

Photos by CJ Morgan

Follow Ryan on the Twitter @RyanRevolver

Follow CJ on the Twitter @theCJMorgan


All-Star: William Trinity has a lot to say about music and he says it in poem form. He also reviews albums, takes cool portraits of random artists and friends, and tells us about other music and Austin-related business in Trinity Stardust and the Blog from Mars. Last week, he reviewed Shabazz Palaces’ new album, Black Up.

Black Up completely stuns with the first listen. The album’s production pieces together loops and samples at odd intervals into bass-heavy beats of extraterrestrial nature. It’s part dubstep, part spaced out synth psychedelica. Mind-blowing track “an echo from the host that profess infinitum” rides a distorted voice loop before completely shifting movement through the song, including a break with a finger harp and then later a portion of congas.”

Read his complete review here.

Here are some of his most recent portraits of musicians:

Jessica Lea Mayfield


Follow him on the Twitter @WilliamTrinity


All-Star: uLOVEi takes photos and DJs all over town. His motto: I just want to be around good people and take photos. And he does so, just about every night. The proof is in the picture.

Here are some from the Kingdom Soft Opening with Funkstruk:

Here are some photos from his crazy 5/26: BASHH at Nuvola, Sandbar at Roial, Beauty Bar 5th Anniversary, Broken Teeth at Plush, Grits & Gravy at Barbarella:

See more pictures of uLOVEi up to no good on his blog

Follow him on the Twitter @ulovei


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2 Responses to Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part VII

  1. CJ Morgan says:

    Not to nit-pick (and thanks for the Darkives and CGJRPC plug) but credit actually goes to @theCJMorgan. I spend too many hours photo-shopping and talking about poop to let Ryan steal all my glory (he is on the staff).

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