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Free Press Summer Fest 2011

Aaaand it’s back! Once again, tons of amazing bands will be invading Houston with Free Press Summer Fest 2011.  This year’s groups are especially impressive, ranging from 90s rock to groovy electro-pop.  Including Austin’s own Black Joe Lewis and the … Continue reading

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IDENTITY PROJECT: The Greatest Ideas Ever Branded

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde, what a dangerous guy. Do you have a dangerously amazing idea?  Well, next Thursday (June 2nd) you can learn how to give it … Continue reading

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Dirty Dozen Brass Band playing Antone’s Saturday!

If you ask anyone from New Orleans, they’ll know the Dirty Dozen. They’ll probably love them. They’ll probably laugh at you for asking such a ridiculous question, so maybe don’t. I first heard them 2 years ago when they played a … Continue reading

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Sunshine Fest benefiting Austin Musicans!

Austin not only loves helping out its musicians, it loves festivals, and summer camps… The Sunshine Fest, a benefit concert supporting AND featuring local Austin musicians is coming up next Friday (June 3rd) at Venue 222.  Bands include: The Black … Continue reading

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Chaos in Tejas Kick-Off: Cerebral Ballzy, Naw Dude, One Against Many @ Red 7 6/1

For the ‘Chaos In Tejas‘ celebration, Red 7 is really making things chaotic with the Kick-Off on Wednesday June 1st. As the Plucker’s trivia guy says, “Let me open your minds to some new music” (he is obsessed with hardcore … Continue reading

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Everton Blender @ Flamingo Cantina 6/4

If you are into all types of reggae styles, and you’re looking for a chill place to be on Saturday night June 4th; Flamingo Cantina will be the place for you. Everton Blender is coming in all the way from … Continue reading

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Day of the Apes: Planet of the Apes Marathon

What if we lived in a world where the humans weren’t the dominant species? Where apes ruled the planet and we were nothing but meager voiceless animals? Horrifying? Yes! Impossible? If you’ve ever seen that episode of The Simpsons where … Continue reading

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