TRIBEZA Chef’s Table Series

Because sriracha is the secret ingredient for each and every meal I prepare, I could probably use some inspiration and guidance in the kitchen. And if you’re already a magician in the kitchen, surely you could appreciate a delectable, customized, multi-course dinner prepared for you by one of Austin’s top chefs. Mark your calendars, food-freaks, TRIBEZA Chef’s Table Series runs June 27 – 29 at participating restaurants.

Austin has some of the most innovative restaurants in Texas with top award winning chefs. Enjoy an intimate, seasonally inspired dinner alongside a top chef while learning his processes. This year’s Table Series chefs:

Todd Duplechan, TRIO
Ned Elliott, Foreign & Domestic
Julio-Cesar Florez, La Sombra
Shawn Cirkiel, Parkside
James Corwell, Haddingtons
Britt Markle, Shoreline Grill
Deegan McClung, Jeffrey’s
Rene Ortiz, La Condesa
Brian Wubbena, Truluck’s

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