Raphael Saadiq at Stubb’s

Let’s face it.  The 60s are back.

Vinyl records, skinny ties, wayfarers, hippies, first moon landings, they’ve all returned!  Not only that, but some of today’s musicians are taking on the challenge of incorporating the 60s into their music.  Take Raphael Saadiq.  He’s a super record producer with a taste for old school soul, having worked with the likes of Joss Stone, John Legend, D’Angelo and Mary J. Blige.  He’s dropped four albums with big time collaborators such as Stevie Wonder and Jay Z, and his most recent record, Stone Rollin‘ features Robert Randolph, Yukimi Nagano and Earth, Wind and Fire’s Larry Dunn.  You heard me, the keyboardist from Earth, Wind and Fire.  Awesome.

Not to say Saadiq is stuck in the past by any means.  There are certainly the “throw back artists” playing soul music these days, but he’s not one of them.  His music combines the spirit of old Detroit soul, contemporary R&B, and hip hop, yielding an innovative new sound that I can only describe as “hip.”

He happens to be stopping by Stubb’s next Wednesday (June 8th.)

Regardless of what you can describe his music as, it’ll make you get up and dance.  In the vein of Motown and Stax, a tambourine drives you through his songs, with fuzzy organ riffs over tight drum and bass nailing down the rhythms.  Smooth backing vocals leave Saadiq room to croon and wail, tellin’ you just how he feels.

Raphael Saadiq @ Stubb’s

Wednesday, June 8th

Doors at 8:00 PM

Get tickets here.

Don’t miss this show, it’s gonna be groovy.


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One Response to Raphael Saadiq at Stubb’s

  1. The 60s going back in the music scene? Sounds awesome to me! I can’t wait to hear more of his music. 🙂

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