Super Hero Party @ The Highball

So let’s say you’re a regular, ordinary, but extremely nerdy guy or girl, sitting in your super hero poster clad bedroom (still living at your parents’ house) hunched over your desk covered with doodles of your carefully planned out superhero costume.  Furiously scribbling out plans for avenging your uncle’s brother (so, still your uncle?) as you ice your black eye from that  bully earlier today, you are suddenly overcome by weariness from a combination of your double-life schedule and your desperate thoughts about that popular girl/guy you’re convinced will like you if you acquire super human powers, and you drift off into a deep, drooling slumber…

Sound familiar?  Thought so.

You begin the most amazing dream; a dream where you’re surrounded by every single one of your role models in their tights and capes.  You’re head to toe in a perfectly tailored uniform, complete with a mask, a perfectly designed logo, and pretty much everything you ever wanted in a superhero costume but could never afford.  (Since we’re in your dream, let’s go ahead and say you’re ripped too, having never set foot in a gym.)  What are you and your super friends doing in this dream?  You’re partying like you’ve just saved the Earth from total destruction!  You’re taking a jager shot with The Flash, dancing with Storm and high-fiving Batman…at the same time!  Whoa!

Well it’s time to wake up and realize that you can live this dream at The Highball’s Super Hero Party, Saturday June 18th! I know what you’re thinking and yes, it’s going to be as amazing as it sounds.  A party at the swankiest bowling alley/karaoke/dance club venue in town, filled with people in tights and masks, unlocking their superpower of gettin’ down to the music.  Here’s all you need to do:

1. Pick a superhero you want to dress up as.

2. Be that superhero on June 18

3. Go to The Highball at 10:30PM for the Super Hero Party

4. Before you go, make sure you have something to carry your wallet/keys in, because your costume might not have pockets.

Do NOT miss this party.  I mean, really, this is your opportunity to hang out with a bunch of superheroes without having to wait for to Comic-Con 2012. Check out the recap of the power party round 1 by the Highball’s Sarah Pitre!

Super Hero Party!

Saturday, June 18 @ The Highball


For more about tickets, etc. go here.

If you have any amazing suggestions for which superhero I should go as, comment here or tweet me up @Do512_Matt

See you there!


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4 Responses to Super Hero Party @ The Highball

  1. The SuperSet finally has a site up with info and pictures of our past and upcoming events:

    We had a blast at last weekend’s Super Hero party and can’t wait to do it again on the 18th. Check out photos of the party here:

  2. Jerry Knowles says:

    It’s at 1030, not 8

  3. Dominic B says:

    Is it 21 and up only?

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