4th of July in Austin!

Have you ever seen anyone watch fireworks without a ridiculous smile on their face? No, because it’s impossible. It’s like sneezing with your eyes open. The moment you shut your mouth as an attempt to conceal that goofy grin from your friends, you burst into an explosive giggle fit that lasts for hours. I’m not sure why, it’s science. That explosion of bright sparkly colors in the sky brings out the 10 year old within, and along with sunshine and tons of parties, it’s what makes the 4th of July stupendous. Along with the fact that everyone in America is celebrating the same cause at the same time. Roll that one over for a minute.

To find everything going on this 4th of July in Austin, check out our complete event listing here.

Let’s celebrate our freedom with parties galore and some boomtastic fireworks from The Fireworks Club. We still have fireworks packages to give away from The Fireworks Club worth $300 each – An RSVP on the event page enters you in the contest!

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One Response to 4th of July in Austin!

  1. I love fireworks. I’m sure 4th of July will be super fun– I’m looking forward to the parties!

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