National Nature Photography Day

Do512 users never cease to amaze us with their vast array of talents and free time utilization and we want to reward that! According to the North American Nature Photography Association June 15 is Nature Photography Day and, as we expressed in our National Doughnut Day post, we would celebrate anything; even National take a Picture of eggplant day if it existed. It doesn’t to our knowledge but this does and we’re opening this up to Do512 user’s DSLRs, point and shoots and even your tele cams if it gets the job done.

Every day from now until June 15, we’ll be accepting user submitted original photos taken of lovely nature things! If you find a flower that strikes your fancy or just happen to wander onto a baby capybara on your morning jaunt for breakfast tacos, take a picture and send it to We will then post a gallery on our Facebook adding to it each day with all the photos we receive and other users will be allowed to vote on their favorites. Also, feel free to submit one with your watermark or logo on their if you’re in the photog business. Let’s get your pictures out there! Now for the prizes:

1st Place: $25 Alamo Drafthouse Gift Card, $25 Common Interest gift card, $25 Kung Fu Saloon gift card, $10 to the Highball & 1 hour of free bowling for a group of up to seven people at the Highball

2nd Place: Bottle Service at Hudson on Fifth w/ mixers on a Tuesday evening for you and a group of friends!

3rd Place:  $10 gift card to the Highball & tickets to one of The Action Pack screenings at Alamo Drafthouse.

Let’s hear those lens cap snap off and get clicking little Halsmans. We want to see what you see.

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One Response to National Nature Photography Day

  1. The photos look lovely. I especially like the third photo.

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