Do512 has plans for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is the one time of the year totally dedicated to dear old dad, so you’ve got to do something for him, right? If you are totally clueless on what to do for/with the old man, Do512 can at least help narrow it down, as we are keeping a running list of events taking place for Father’s Day in Austin. There are multiple Father’s Day concerts, a Wild West Father’s Day event, a Father’s Day Carnival, a Father’s Day Brunch and Ugly Tie Contest, a Round Rock Express baseball game, and many more goings-on that will make your dad’s day.

Last year we took our dad out to do three of his favorite things. First, we went and ate hamburgers, because my dad goes crazy at the sight of a nice juicy burger. Second, we took him bowling at The Highball, which was not only fun for him but the whole family as well. And to top the night off on an extra special (and gluttonous) note, we took him to get a doughnut at Gourdough’s. It wasn’t the healthiest of excursions, but dad enjoyed it, and that is what counts.

Feel free to take these ideas and run with them, and if you know of other good plans for Father’s Day in Austin, please share them in the comments!

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