‘Til Death Do Us Part: Late Night Catechism 3

Not since Sister Act 2 has the public witnessed a nun so entertainingly witty, sassy and frank. Just like Sister Mary Clarence (Whoopie’s character in Sister Act), this sister is not actually a nun but an award winning performer. Maripat Donovan is the writer and performer of  Late Night Catechism, a series of “classes” taught to the audience by Donovan dressed as teacher nun. She covers everything from the saints, sins, guilt and limbo; but this ain’t your average Catholic school lesson. Sister tells it like it is. She cracks jokes about marriage, rituals and religion in while incorporating the audience with wacky games and prizes in ‘Til Death Do Us Part: Late Night Catechism 3.

Donovan grew up with devout Catholic parents in the south side of Chicago, so she knows just the right buttons to push. When asked, “Should people brush up on the Bible before seeing Late Night Catechism?” She replied, “No! Catholics never read the Bible! Anything we need to know the priests will tell us. Besides the stories in the Bible are just stories and parables about history and relationships with God. They are not the truth. Don’t read the Bible.”

All types can appreciate this hilarious take on the Sacraments of Marriage and the Last Rites as taught by the hilarious nun with an attitude. Join the class this Wednesday, June 15 at 8pm at The Long Center for the Performing Arts.

To enter to win a pair of free tickets, click “I like it” on the event’s page on Do512.

Check out her website at www.funnynun.com.

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