Suzanna Choffel, Robin Smith & The Kinfolk w/ These Mad Dogs Of Glory & Dustin Welch @ Momo’s 6/15

Do you like patios, bars, music, and chilling out whenever you possibly can? Good, because Momo’s is putting on an event tomorrow (Wednesday) that starts in the evening when it starts to cool off and lasts all night! Enjoy these blues inspired artists with a little close dancing, a tap of the foot, or sitting out on the huge patio and have them play in the background to your conversation with friends; any way you see it their soulful lyrics will take you away from 6th street and to a place that you can call your own.

The Lineup
6:30PM The Kinfolk
8:00PM Robin Smith
9:00PM Suzanna Choffel
10:45PM Dustin Welch
11:54PM These Mad Dogs of Glory

 Now you could see all of these people for just $7, but what would be better than saving that $7 for more drinks or dinner; whichever you deem to be the better choice. Click “I Like It” and you could win a pair of FREE tickets! Hence the extra money for whatever you deem appropriate. So join us and see what these artists have to offer. Blues is the genre of summer (Blues on the Green anyone?) and we want you to get into it and then boast your new found music sense to your friends; making you better than them.

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