In2Deep’s Summer Jam

This is what the organizers of In2Deep’s Summer Jam have to say about their event:

“We’ve been missin yal- Mr. Put-It-Back aka Mr. Puf-N-Stuf & LiL LoLo the Don of Time aka That Boy Your Momma Tole U About are playing Rap and R&B Music ALL NITE LONG. We’ll be looking good, dancing with you, playin jams for you. Is that alrite with you?”

There are two things you should remember about this invitation:

1. If the DJ’s are that creative in putting together their names, you know they have to be bosses at spinning the 1s and 2s. I mean, one of them is the boy your mom told you about. Last we checked, your mom was still trying to figure out Facebook. So when she knows  about a DJ, he has to be BIG.

2. This a very courteous event. Not only are the owners concerned about whether or not you’re “alrite” with them dancing, jamming, and looking good with you, they let you know how much they’ve been missing you. After all, a gentleman always asks before he dares to look good with you.

If you’ve memorized those two takeaways, you should be ready to enjoy a night of gettin’ down starting this Saturday at 10pm at Cheer Up Charlie’s. Oh, and delicious food trailers. Can’t forget those.

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