Mexicans With Guns

If the name Mexicans With Guns doesn’t spark any interest, I don’t know what will. Usually, things that are involved with the word “guns” might to be a bit … I don’t know, dangerous?




Fear not, the only thing dangerous about this event will be the amount of epicness you’ll experience. Come out this Saturday, June 25th to the Volstead Lounge at Hotel Vegas to see Mexicans With Guns. Be prepared for awesome music and a badass time.

If you’re wondering about the name Mexicans With Guns, it’s actually a production-moniker/character created by Exponential Record’s Ernest Gonzales. If you think the name Mexicans With Guns is unique, wait till you hear MWG’s sound. MWG is kind of like a concoction of electronic, hip-hop, Mexican dubstep, glitch, etc.

Be sure to RSVP on DO512 to pay $5 instead of $7 at the door!

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