Robocop: LIVE! @ The Highball

If you’re like me, you just weren’t completely satisfied with RoboCop.  Sure, I thought it was an amazing/original concept, a robot cop instead of a cop who kills robots.  Goofy dialogue and cheesy special effects are what I like best.  Not to mention it had TWO sequels, a live action AND animated TV series, pretty much an entire franchise!  Still, I’ve always just wanted more…

Don’t get me wrong, it was an incredible late 80s/early 90s success, but I just honestly wanted something more out of it (besides the additional RoboCop Halloween costume and lunch box, which I most certainly did have.)  That was until I heard about what’s going on at the Highball this Friday…a LIVE action theatrical performance of RoboCop!

Just think what a DIY style theatre troupe (like the amazing folks from Old Murder House Theatre) will do to recreate 80’s style explosions, costumes, hairdos and action sequences LIVE ONSTAGE!  I can only hope that it will involve fake blood (or ketchup) tin foil, water guns, and/or sparklers.  No matter what happens, we’ll get to be in the same room as Bob Morton to see that there’s still some human left in him, even after he’s been turned into a cyborg crime fighter.

I’ve got a great feeling about this one, and I imagine that this show will be full of audience members saying things like “Whoa, I can’t believe they did that!” and “Oh yeah! I remember that!” aside from die hard RoboCop fans who won’t be able to help but smile to themselves, vigilantly celebrating as they get to be a part of this special experience.

ROBOCOP LIVE @ The Highball

Friday, June 24th at 11:30PM

$5  (Tickets here)

To get a glimpse of what kinds of shenanigans to expect, check out this video of Odd Murder House performing Back to the Future Live:

Alrighty, you’ve heard it all.  Get your tickets here, and you’d best get yourself to the Highball.  I’ve done all I can do to convince you to go to this.  But for now, “I have to go.  Some where there’s a crime happening.”

– Matt

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