Kid Cudi with Chip Tha Ripper

Yep, that’s right. Kid Cudi will be moseying his way through Texas soon. The Cud Life Tour featuring Kid Cudi with special guest Chip Tha Ripper will be at Cedar Park Center on July 16th.

Kid Cudi has really been stirring things up in the hip hop and music world these past few years. He has collaborated with an array of artists, from MGMT to Shakira and even with one of my favorite songstresses, St. Vincent.

However, this rapper from Cleveland didn’t always have it easy. When he moved to New York City back in 2004, he only had a demo tape and a little bit of money. Kid Cudi lived with his Uncle in South Bronx and had to balance working retail jobs and spending long nights at the recording studio.

In 2006, he wrote “Day N Nite” after his Uncle passed away. Today, “Day N Nite” has over 65 million views on YouTube.

If you like Kid Cudi, don’t miss out on this show!

Now, how does a pair of free tickets sound? Pretty sweet ay? Well, if you click “I Like It!” on Do512 you could win a pair!

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