The Rosebuds w/ Other Lives @ The Parish 6/24

Awesome shows aren’t too hard to come by in this town. It seems like there’s so many options for seeing great bands every night of the week, and it’s always difficult to figure out what show to go to. Especially on Friday night, which is why I’ll help you figure that one out. This Friday, you’ll have an opportunity to see an amazing show at the Parish with three amazing groups, The Rosebuds , Other Lives, and OAX.

The Rosebuds are from North Carolina and are prepping for a Summer tour with Bon Iver. I hate to see bands break up because of relationship problems, especially if the band members are the ones in the relationship. I would have cringed to see a great band like The Rosebuds end due to lead members Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp’s recent divorce, but they shattered that stereotype by not only staying together as band, but using their emotionally taxing experience to their advantage, and making a great album out of it. Their new record is called Loud Planes Fly Low, it was just released June 7th.
Check out their video trailer for Loud Planes Fly Low:

Doors are at 8 and the show starts at 9, with OAX opening the show, followed by Other Lives from Stillwater, Oklahoma. Make sure you get there in time to catch them, they’ve got a great mix of acoustic strings and electric guitars in their lineup.

Other Lives performing “Paper Cities”:

Trust me, this will be a great show, and a great way to spend your Friday evening.

Want to go for free? You can win a pair of tickets to this show by ‘liking’ it here!

The Rose Buds with Other Lives @ The Parish
Friday, June 24
Doors: 8PM
$12 – Buy tickets here.

See you there!

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