4th of July Corn Dog Bite Eating Contest!

“If you don’t like delicious fried things, you hate America.”

– Colonel Sanders

Few food staples ooze patriotism like a freshly dipped corn dog bite. Sure, the hot dog often makes halfhearted claims to be our nation’s premier food composed of wieners. This is plainly ludicrous, as the hot dog comes from Coney Island, which has like two roller coasters built after the turn of the century. The corn dog, however, has a national holiday, comes with a built-in handle, and is as synonymous with the Texas State Fair as Big Tex. And according to the always factual Wikipedia, corn dogs have been around since 1927, when a U.S. patent was filed for something called a “Combined Dipping, Cooking, and Article Holding Apparatus.” We assume that patent eventually led to this-

Corn dogs and pizza?! That's like heaven and a slightly greasier version of heaven.

Strangely named patents aside, corn dog bites will be in abundant supply at Black Sheep Lodge for their July 4th celebration and Corn Dog Bite Eating Contest. It’s only $20 to enter (a sum easily eaten in corn dogs), and all proceeds go to Austin Pets Alive!. On top of profits going to a good cause, each contestant receives a free t-shirt, and the contest winner takes home $250!

Of course, not everybody and their dog can enter the contest (because the money’s going to an animal charity, get it?), so Black Sheep Lodge is restricting the field to 20 contestants. This is only a matter of practicality, since everybody wants to scarf down corn dog bites on July 4th. And by everybody, we mean EVERYBODY-

Does her oxygen tube pump mustard also?

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