An Evening of Comedy with Michael McDonald

One of my favorite characters on television is without a question, Stuart on MadTV. Or more appropriately pronounced, Steeuwwart; the goofy, awkward man-boy with uncomfortable mommy issues. The viewing of a Stuart skit results in a fit of uncontrollable giggles erupting from the viewer. And he is certainly one of the most entertaining characters on the planet to watch and to imitate. Michael McDonald plays this infamous character and will be in town performing stand-up at The Parish Saturday, July 9th.

If you’re oblivious to the wonder that is Stuart, feast your eyes upon this gem:

You’ve seen him parody all kinds of silly characters in the sketch comedy MadTV, in which he was the longest-tenured cast member, but he also writes and directs episodes on NBC and ABC including Scrubs. His stand-up comedy performance strays from what you might expect given the characters you’ve seen him portray. He plays himself, in true hilarious form, poking fun at everything from elderly parents to famous people to Christmas letters. He’s just a funny guy, and the kind of guy you want hanging around at all times to comment on everyday absurdities. That’s why seeing him at an intimate venue like The Parish is an especially exciting treat.

Do512 is giving away three pairs of tickets to this event! Enter for your chance to win by clicking “I like it” on the event listing.

Buy your tickets here before they sell out!

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