Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part 11

Every Monday we like to take a look at what some of the Do512 All-Stars have been up to. What the heck is a Do512 All-Star anyway? It’s simply a group of some of our favorite Do512 users who do cool things and stuff around town, and then make their adventures/interests/work available for public consumption through a website, blog, magazine etc.

We think our All-Stars are pretty damn cool, and every time we check up on them we find something interesting and informative. We think you will too, and that’s what these weekly All-Star spotlight are all about. In no particular order, here this week’s list of selected updates from five unique All-Stars:

First up is Chris Trew aka Terp2it, a comedian, actor,  rapper, and improv comedy teacher based in Austin who blogs at He’s performed at almost every comedy festival in the country, hosts the Air Sex Championships, founded the sketch comedy website Studio 8, and has released two albums under the Terp 2 it handle. He recently blogged about Austin strip clubs and Slacker 2011.

I posed the question on Twitter as a joke but what resulted was very, very serious. Yesterday morning I tweeted “Who wants to sponsor me today?” and then a very nice man from Portland, Oregon (who you should follow on Twitter) said he woud send me money for beer at a strip club. I asked a guy I know who I think would enjoy going to a strip club because once I saw him with a huge cigar but he couldn’t go so I planned on staying in for the night. Word got out to some acquaintances about the Sponsorship and while watching a show at TNM, a flurry of texts came in from two numbers. They were hellbent on getting me out. I don’t like saying no so I said yes.

When I was first picked up I was told, “We’re going to pick up another friend. He has 200 Titty Bucks that expire tonight.” I’m not sure if they are actually called Titty Bucks or how he got them or how they have an expiration date but I’ve already decided that I am not in control of this night. We go pick up this guy and his electricity got turned off but he’s got a cool backyard where 20+ frogs live. We are discussing which club to go to and it’s a tough call. One place has food, one place we think we can sneak in an 18 year old. One place allows dogs. Another place contains this cool anecdote from one of the guys here: “A friend of mine ate a girl out on her rag there.” I swear I’m not making this up. We decide to try and go to all of them.

I eat a cheeseburger at the first place which prompts the discussion of how sanitary the kitchen is which leads us to believing that it’s actually probably cleaner than most kitchens. One of the guys here orders a Pecan Pie (what’s up!) and 45 minutes later he gets it. A girl asks me if I want a lap dance and before I can answer the other guy throws $20 worth of Titty Bucks at me and so it’s lap dance time. Luckily for me the NBA Draft is on and somewhere between this nice gal’s triceps and hips is a flat screen TV and I can see the Hornets make their pick. There is no audio but I decide that whoever this guy is, he will be known to me as the “Lap Dance” pick. I learn later that he was traded. Dang. Towards the end of the lap dance my friend asks me how I want my burger cooked.

We leave the first place and go to the second place and it’s at this point I realize I’m probably not going to workout in the morning at Dane’s Body Shop (which is something we really do, 2-3 times a week). Then that Black Keys song plays for the second time tonight and I realize why I am having workout guilt and that’s because Dane always plays this song towards the end of the workout, so there is a feeling of “I did it!” that is associated with this song. Not anymore.

Then we go to Club #2 but first we pick up an actual dog. Everyone knows guy-with-dog really well and the girls all come to pet the dog who is sitting in his own big fluffy chair. We end up with bottle service and a train of ladies coming to say hi. We tell all of them that we are celebrating the dog’s birthday. The night ends with myself and the acquaintances having pancakes.

Now those acquaintances (lower case) are Friends (upper case) and I know a little bit more about strip clubs. For the kinda play-by-play read my twitter feed from last night. To everyone who helped make this night happen- huge hugs and high 5′s!

I laced up my acting jetpack and took part in the remake of that famous movie that was made in Austin. Here is the trailerFacebook page here. I’ll be at the premiere if I’m not too busy being in other famous remakes (Dazeder and Confused; Cheaper by the Dozen 2 Again This Time)

Chris is on Do512 and Twitter and Facebook.


All-Star: AustinVida is always up on the latest in Latin everything. From live music and artist interviews, to album and film reviews, to anything else Latino and newsworthy in Austin. They just posted a preview for a piece of Mexican cinema coming to the Alamo Drafthouse that makes “Hollywood look like a child’s playground.”

Preview: ‘Somos lo que hay’ at Alamo Drafthouse Ritz

The Cine las Americas film series is bringing Mexican director Jorge Michel Grau’s first feature film to the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz screen on Monday, June 27 at 7:00 p.m. Following the high standards set by contemporary Mexican cinema, Somos lo que hay (We are what we are) makes Hollywood look like a child’s playground.

Somos lo que hay is the gruesome tale of a family struggling to survive amidst the chaos of present day Mexico City after the father and husband was found dead in the streets. Quickly understanding the implications of such an event, family tensions arise as a new leader is sought to provide their meals… of human flesh.

Twists and turns are sure to occur as Grau takes us winding through a complex story of a family rooted in tradition amongst a society that is in a constant state of flux between development and deterioration. In a complex circle of violence, questions of fight or flight plague the evolving family’s bond.

Like many Mexican stories, this tale can be one that you adapt as your own. “My aim is to decode my surroundings. To try to describe myself through this story; to discover my ambitions, my motivations, and my values. To find through the screen the tools with which to build my discourse,” Grau said.

Opting to use 35 mm instead of the highly prevalent digital HD, Grau offers a look at cannibalism in profound light of raw cinematic beauty. Somos lo que hay seems to be an exciting and refreshing change after a year of boring Hollywood hits. Hopefully a special accompanying menu at the Alamo will be offered.

Watch the trailer for Somos lo que hay below.

The Alamo Drafthouse Ritz is located at 320 E. 6th Street in Austin, Texas. 18+ are welcome. Children 6 and up will be allowed only with a parent or guardian. Advance tickets can be purchased here.

Follow them on Do512 and Twitter @AustinVida


All-Star: Mofoz is a streetwear/lifestyle brand that promotes contemporary fashion, art, music and design. They’re just a creative bunch of guys, doing what they do and love, and then letting us in on it. They have a habit of creating really cool Custom Kicks and art, recently designing a pair of custom Nike Dunks for Austin band The Noise Revival Orchestra:

Custom Nike Dunks- Noise Revival Orchestra

Here are some custom Nike Dunks we painted for our friend Nathan who heads up the band The Noise Revival Orchestra. These were done just in time for his tour to Denmark, the U.K., and Iceland…needless to say we needed to get these kicks thoroughly ready for the rocker’s trip.

Nathan requested some graffiti like letters and bright colors, so we did it up as well as added a silver flake clear cloat gloss so that the stage lights would have these kicks really shining. The birds in the toebox is from the band’s booking company’s logo, which we thought added a nice song bird touch.

custom nike dunkscustom nike dunkscustom nike dunkscustom nike dunks

 Follow them on Do512 and at @mofoz


All-Star Vivogig hosts weekly podcasts where host Daniel Senyard interviews bands with and has the fans submit questions. You’ll find all kinds of music and get to know new bands at They caught the Bright Light Social Hour at Blues on the Green, and provided a thoughtful review of the show:

The Bright Light Social Hour rock Zilker

Upcoming podcast guests, The Bright Light Social Hour took the stage at Zilker for the season’s second Blues On The Green performance tonight. The night was started off by the very talented Suzanna Choffel who set the mood with her danceable “indie-soul-pop” (her words). I’d never heard her music but became an instant fan.

And while Suzanna certainly gained masses of new fans, the huge crowds were camped out on the grass for the pary-hard goodness that is Austin’s The Bright Light Social Hour. The band just got back from their highly-successful first national tour. Jack O’Brien (the mustachioed bass player and singer) told me  that “most people tell you that your first tour is going to be a disaster, but ours wasn’t. It was great.”

The long-haired four-piece took the stage and the crowd went APE SHIT and didn’t stop until an hour later when they walked off. It was awesome being backstage as at one point, apparently dizzy with joy and the enormity of the crowd, keyboardist, A.J. Vincent turned to the “I’m with the band” crowd in the wings and exclaimed “holy shit!‘ before turning back to face the screaming masses. As with Quiet Company’s prior performance, being backstage also allowed us to take some awesome photos.

You can’t help but like their music, but seeing these guys live instantly turns interest into infatuation. The way they prance, jump, strut, head bang and recklessly attack their instruments makes them one of the (if not THE) most compelling live acts around. At the core of their hyper-kinetic antics is the small man with the big mustache and even bigger stage presence, Jack. When onstage, Jack occupies the middle and his non-stop movement and energy infects both the other members and the entire audience. There’s little better than when he and lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist, Curtis Roush, get together between verses to jam in the middle of the stage. One of the best moments of the night came during Joseph Mirasole’s fantastic drum solo that had Curtis shaking his head in disbelief and Jack and A.J. walking away from their own instruments to watch Joseph attack his.

Toward the end of the show, Jack grabbed the mic between songs and told the crowd how incredibly special it was for him to be playing there for so many people, “My Dad brought me to my first Blues On The Green when I was eight or nine but there weren’t anywhere near as many people in those days. This is really effing cool!”

Once the set was over, the sweat-soaked band turned away from the “encore” cries to head downtown to The Parish where Joseph was playing the  first in his month-long DJ residency (or “rave party” as he called it) at the club. In addition to being the first, tonight’s DJ show was special for the band as it was the release of their “Back And Forth” remixes.

If you missed The Bright Light Social Hour tonight, they are playing this weekend at the White Water Amphitheater in New Braunfels where they are opening for Girl Talk. If you miss that…you can catch them on an upcoming episode of the vivogig podcast, where they answer YOUR questions – so ask them anything you want!

Twitter them  on Do512 and @vivogig


All-Star Austin Social Planner is an online, digital magazine and interactive calendar website, highlighting some of the biggest and most talked about events around town at An upcoming event they found particularly exciting is the TRIBEZA Summer Solstice Chef’s Table Series:

TRIBEZA Summer Solstice Chef’s Table Series

Among the myriad things that make Austin “Austin,” there’s a good argument for its place as a foodie mecca. From its birthing of the grocery store as destination (see Whole Foods, Central Market, etc.) to its place near the forefront of the food trailer vanguard, it’s pretty obvious that people here know how to eat. And while we still may be the epicenter of all things Tex-Mex and can proudly stand toe-to-toe with the challenging titans of BBQ, there is no question that as the city’s grows, its palate has been expanding as well.

Need proof? Then the opportunity to do some serious field research is coming your way this week. TRIBEZA magazine is kicking off its Chef’s Table Series, a bi-annual event where some of Austin’s most widely-respected chefs will not only create a seasonal multi-course menu to be served in their restaurant’s private dining rooms, but each Chef will also sit down to break bread and talk food and inspiration with their guests.

Participating chefs include Todd Duplechan of TRIO, Ned Elliott of Foreign & Domestic, Shawn Cirkiel of Parkside, Rene Ortiz of La Condesa, Julio-Cesar Florez of La Sombra, James Corwell of Haddingtons, Britt Markle of Shoreline Grill, Deegan McClung of Jeffrey’s, and Brian Wubbena of Truluck’s. Each restaurant has different menus, price points, dates and times, so feel free to do a little research of your own before making that difficult, yet enviable, decision. At least you should feel secure in the knowledge that, this being Austin, you will be eating well!

The Bottom Line

When: Monday, June 27 – Wednesday, June 29
Various Locations
$65 – $139
For Indiviual Menus, Pricing, Dates and Times, Click HERE.

Austin Social Planner Event Listing

Follow them on Do512 and @ATXSocial

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