C3 Presents: Marc Broussard, ALPHA REV, & Chic Gamin

It’s the meeting of the souls at Antone’s on Wednesday July 6th at 7PM. To witness the historic event Click “I Like It” on this page for the chance to win a PAIR of FREE tickets!

From the depths of Louisiana, Marc Broussard has made an addendum to the meaning of soul; taking everything you have ever known about music and putting all of it into your own music. Like many soul singers, you will feel what he is portraying through his music and will fall in love with his baritone voice.

Joining him are Alpha Rev and Chic Gamine, two must-see live bands. Austin based, Alpha Rev being the band that takes you nostalgic for the 90’s to early 2000’s rock inspired scene that you just can’t get enough no matter how much you try to hate it. Adding a cello and a violin adds romance to the classic elements of a rock band; now how they work them into their show is for you to find out. Chic Gamine is a Canadian quartet (and drummer, who is also the only male in the group) that is ready to bring your arm hair to stand at attention. The soul in their voices will send chills up and down your spine and leave you wondering how they do it.

Consider yourself lucky to see these performers at Antone’s and not at some uber expensive venue. The artists love to give you their heart and soul, and if you appreciate the soul in music; come out to Antone’s!

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