Canada Day in Austin

Looking at the calendar just now, we noticed that July 1st is coming up. For most of us that simply means it’s time to figure out what exactly we’re doing on July 1st. For a lot of other people, including the 35 million that live in that big, beautiful area situated north of the US border, July 1st means it’s Canada Day!

Your first response might be “Canada…who cares? Canada is just a big chuck of land with lots of moose and people who like maple-related things a little too much.” However, July 1st is a special day for our northern neighbors. Canada Day (formerly Dominion Day) marks the date when Canada became a kingdom in its own right. Similar to July 4th here in the states, Canadians like to party down on Canada Day with parades, concerts, fireworks, beer, ham, the works.

We discovered a few Canada Day celebrations taking place in the Austin, so we put them into a tidy (yet tiny) list on We tracked down as many as we could think of, but if you know of any good events taking place for Canada Day in Austin that we missed, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or email Lawrence @ Who’s down to go out and show some love for our Canadian neighbors eh?

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