July 30th CharityVolunteers with Citizen Generation

What do things like volunteering, giving back, and philanthropy mean to you? Are they things you’re passionate about? Or are they things that you wished you were a part of but never got around to?

Yes, it can be tough getting started. We let things like lack of motivation, excuses, not knowing where to begin, and intimidation hinder us. It’s easy to think “oh, I’m sure someone else will do it” and then just bum around.

Getting involved with volunteering, giving back, and philanthropy doesn’t have to be boring and burdensome. It also doesn’t mean you need to turn into a glorious cape-wearing superhero that saves the world.

The July 30th CharityVolunteers with Citizen Generation is the perfect opportunity for those who want to get involved to participate in a fun and practical way. CharityVolunteers was launched in 2011 and it serves as a program that brings groups of people together for hands on service. Volunteers get a chance to make visible and immediate differences within the community.

This event has a $20 participation fee that funds Citizen Generation’s philanthropy and community programs. Come out and bring your friends too! This way, not only will you be able to do something for your community, but it’ll also be a time to spend with friends and meet new people. This volunteering event will also be a tasty one since there will be snacks, water, tea from Honest Tea, and a complimentary Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka at the ‘cool down’ at Doc’s Motorworks.

You can choose to volunteer for one of these following groups: Austin Parks Foundation, Austin Pets Alive!, Sustainable Food Center, SafePlace, and Lifeworks. Do512 is hosting our very own team, and since we’re super cool, you should come join us! Be sure to choose Sustainable Food Center and buy a ticket.

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