Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part 12

Since yesterday was a holiday, and most of you were either celebrating or trying your best to overcome that Sunday hangover, we decided to wait until today for our weekly All-Star recap. Last week we checked in on Chris Trew, Austin Vida, Mofoz, Vivogig and Austin Social Planner. This week’s update focuses on the Alamo Drafthouse, Greg Ackerman, NO CONTROL Radio, Adored Austin, and uLOVEi.

Jim Hughes is the self-described Head Beer Nerd at Alamo South Lamar. Over the weekend he submitted an entry to the Alamo Drafthouse Blog that should cause some excitement for Austin beer aficionados:

Extra Badass Taps at Lamar for a while

Extra Badass Taps at Lamar for a while

As far as I’m concerned it’s always a good day when we can add a Badass Tap or two to the wall, even if only briefly. Sometimes it happens when seasonals run out before the next one is ready to ship, or when brewers are out of stock of one of our menu beers. Sometimes it’s when we change a menu beer. This time it’s a little from column B and a little from Column C.

Of all the new Austin breweries that seem to open up on an almost monthly basis these days, Jester King is turning out to be one of the most interesting. Let’s look at the evidence. Firstly they launch with a 3.5% English Dark Mild called Commercial Suicide. Their second beer was a rye IPA called Wytchmaker, a style that’s uncommon but not unknown (Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye is in the same region, for instance). They’ve put out a few limited releases that caught the attention of the local beer geeks, one of which was offered as a selection on Michael Jackson’s Rare Beer Club, and even before they started shipping beers they were already thinking two, three, four years ahead with barrel-ageing in mind.

Partly because of the barrels and partly because they’ve been busy putting in new fermenters at the brewery, Austin is going to find itself without Wytchmaker for a few weeks, so that seems like a good opportunity to tap that keg of Black Metal Russian Imperial Stout they delivered here a few months ago. As imperial stouts go this one’s up there with the best. In fact this is the one that was selected for the Rare Beer Club. It’s a powerful beer full of coffee, chocolate, dark fruit and high-roast malt flavours, and the 10.4% ABV makes it a sippin’ beer.


Every Christmas I like to hold back one keg of Coffee Porter to tap around this time of the year, usually between Devil’s Backbone and Lost Gold, but since Real Ale have changed their seasonal lineup and made Lost Gold a year-round beer and bottled it, (and how happy am I about that?), now seems as good a time as any to tap Austin’s favourite coffee beer. Real Ale is another brewery that’s entered into the experimental arena with their Mysterium Verum series which, so far, has mostly consisted of ageing some of their seasonals and anniversary beers in wine barrels. We have a keg of their Vol XIV waiting in the wings. It’s the barrel-aged version of last year’s anniversary beer, a rather tasty American Strong Ale.


Last year Sierra Nevada announced a partnership with the monks of the New Clairvaux Abbey in California “to create the only authentic Trappist-style Abbey ales in America”. The first beer, a dubbel, was released a few months ago. Sierra Nevada rarely disappoints with their beers and this one lives up to their high standards. The other two styles being brewwed at the abbey are a saison and a quadrupel, and the saison is hitting the shelves as we speak.

Now, I’m not one to question anyone as experienced and respected as Ken Grossman, but I don’t see saison as an abbey style ale. Just the opposite, in fact. Saisons are also known as farmhouse ales because that’s where they were traditionally brewed, during the winter and spring months before the weather became too warm to brew, to be enjoyed during the summer months and harvest before brewing resumed in the autumn. Either way I’m sure it’s going to be another superb SN offering.


And speaking of saisons, it must be very close to the time that Independence Brewing’s summer seasonal starts hitting the bars around Austin. We’ve already had our final keg of Rood delivered (and have almost emptied it), so in the hiatus between Rood and the saison we’ll tap a keg or two of Independence’s regular lineup of beers starting with an Austin Amber. Hopefully the saison will be ready soon because it’s one of my favourite beer styles, one of my favourite local summer seasonals, and it was our biggest selling seasonal draft beer of last year by a country mile.

I wish I could give dates for when all these beers are going to be tapped but it all depends on how quickly the beers already on tap are going to be finished off. I can say for sure that the Sierra Nevada Ovila will be on within a day or two. All other tappings will be announced on the Drafthouse Twitter feed and you can always see what we have on tap at the South Lamar Taplister page

“If I had all the money I’ve spent on drink… I’d spend it on drink.” ~ Sir Henry Rawlinson

Follow the Alamo Drafthouse on Do512 and Twitter @Drafthouse


All-Star NO CONTROL Radio is always a great resource for heavy metal news and music in Austin. The show is broadcast every Friday night on 101X from 10pm to 1am, featuring three hours of the hardest hitting new and old metal music. You can listen live at and read what they have to say at One of their recent updates discussed a new social networking site designed for musicians:

Unearth Guitarist Launches Social Networking Site

Are you a musician, industry pro, student, looking to find others to collaborate? Locally or internationally? A relatively new netowrking site set up by UNEARTH guitarist Ken Susi and his brother Paul, called the Intonation Network. It is a FREE location-based social networking site that allows musicians and music industry professionals to connect online. This is not attempt to replace other social networks, but instead allows for the consolidation of all your multimedia from other social networking sites into one place.

Discover: See and be seen! Find local musicians or expand your search to find musicians around the world. Show off your music and videos by creating profile pages for both you and your band(s).

Audition: Are you a musician looking for a band? Is your band in need of a new member? Use this site to advertise your needs and attract the best talent out there. Take it a step further and hold online auditions.

Learn: Use our location-based search engine to find local teachers. Teachers, advertise your services for free and attract new students

Promote: Enter information about upcoming events for you or your band. This is a great way to promote your events and gain the exposure you deserve.

Integrate: Many musicians are already using sites such as Facebook and YouTube to promote themselves. Intonation-Network doesn’t want you to have to create another account or re-enter all your information again. Simply log in with your Facebook account choose what information you’d like to share. In addition to Facebook integration, Intonation is also integrated with YouTube allowing you to further enhance your profile page with video.

Ken Susi of the official launch says: “Intonation-Network will revolutionize the networking between musicians and music business representatives!” Paul agrees, adding, “It really is the perfect outlet for all musicians and bands to showcase their abilities and get discovered”

Several sites in the past have made attempts to do something like this, LAST fm, and others, but never specifically for musicians to connect with each other.

follow them on Do512 and Twitter @NOCONTROLRadio


All-Star G_Ack (Greg Ackerman) blogs about Austin music at gregackerman.blogspot and is an Austin Concerts Examiner for He recently told us about a free upcoming music series:

Live music preview: free Music Under the Star series begins July 1st

The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum has announced the Summer line-up of the eigth season of Music Under the Star. The free concerts will take place for five Fridays from 6-9pm on the plaza under the 35-foot bronze star. Guests may bring lawn chairs and blankets to sit and listen to live local music. There is free event parking available in the museum underground garage on 18th and Congress.

The first concert, a week from Friday will feature the Invincible Czars. As we have not seen the Czars perform previously, here is the official bio:

The Invincible Czars have made their mark by creating exceptionally original music: songs and instrumental pieces that are like four-to-five minute “mini-symphonies” chock full of memorable melodies, meticulous arrangements, dynamics, and humor. Their music fuses all kinds of styles including riff rock, classical music, loungey grooves, spacey klezmer, country shuffles, and circusy polka. They draw from influences as disparate as Igor Stravinsky, Van Halen, Louis Armstrong, The Melvins and Ween.

The description sound eclectic enough to warrant a “Keep Austin Weird” stamp of approval. A video of the Invincible Czars has been posted on the left side bar so you can check them out yourself.

The Bob Bullock is free to visit during the concerts with the three main exhibit floors open to the public from 6-9pm. Honest Tea and Car2Go are official sponsors. The cafe on the second floor has a balcony with a great view of the patio where the stage is. They usually have a margarita machine working at a temporary bar set up for the event. At past Music Under the Star concerts a cash bar was set-up for patrons on the patio.
Here is the July schedule:

July 1  Invincible Czars

July 8 White Ghost Shivers

July 15 Del Castillo

July 22 Nash Hernandez Orchestra

July 29 Cindy Cashdollar

Follow Greg Ackerman on Do512 and Twitter @g_ack


All-Star Indiana keeps us updated with fashion, trends and her fun day-to-day life in Austin in her blog Adored Austin. As a former actress, aspiring writer and new mom, she has a lot to talk about. Her recent updates have involved Free People and dual-short fashion:

Free People: July lookbook shot in Austin

There are only a couple times in my life when a flip switched inside me and I wanted to totally change up my style. The first time was after a stupid boy dumped me in college. The most recent time? Today. I just watched the Free People July lookbook, which was shot here in Austin, and I suddenly want to be all 1970’s rocker/ bohemian chic:

Their July catalog looks amazing. Free People summed up Austin style quite nicely with this new collection. It’s become clear to me that I need to let go of some of my boring stuff and amp it up with a few of these new peieces, pronto! Check out the full collection here and hold on to your pocketbooks! You can also download the Happen-In’s song that’s featured in this lookbook from the Free People blog.

Double shorts

One of the first bloggers I ever connected with was Mel from Ideé Géniale. We both arrived on the scene in a more regular way in June of 2009 and mutually stalked each other all over Weardrobe, Chictopia, and all those other sites. We were among the first members of the Delightful Dozen together. I’ve admired her style and her honesty from day one. Something else I admired (more recently) was her black lace shorts from High Gloss fashion (seen here). I promptly added them to my “gotta have ’em” list. Since I’ve found myself wearing shorts more often than dresses lately, I picked up a pair of floral shorts from High Gloss Fashion, too. When they arrived, I realized that I liked them together and that they went well with my new wedges:

date: 30 June 2011 | occasion: Nintendo party with Robert & Heidi
tee: Urban Outfitters | lace shorts: High Gloss Fashion | floral shorts: c/o High Gloss Fashion | shoes: c/o PB&J Boutique

Who are some of the first style bloggers you started following? My first bookmarked sites were Mel from Ideé Géniale, Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky, Jessica from What I Wore, and Krystal from This Time Tomorrow, and Jen from Jen Loves Kev.

follow her on Do512 and Twitter @adoredaustin


All-Star uLOVEi has become a fixture in Austin’s party scene. Sometimes that means serving as a DJ for the night, and many times it means serving as a party photographer. He keeps a constantly updated photo roll of his party pics at One of his latest set of captures was at “First Friday Frolic” at Club De Ville and “Wats Gud Shawty” at Cheer Up Charlie’s. See the full set here.

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