Suite 709 CD RELEASE w/ The Canvas Waiting, The Vettes, BK & Mr. E @ Stubb’s 7/9

From “2010 Chronicle Music Award-Winning Artist” to the “Best Find at SXSW 2011”, Suite 709 has become the talk of the Austin soul, rock, and pop scene. July 9th –coincidentally or purposely (my thought being the latter) mirroring Suite 709‘s name– is the day the bands’ new, fully-funded fan album “Keys” makes its debut at Stubb’s. RSVP on Do512’s site >>>here<<< (where it says RSVP) and you will not only receive $2 off of entry (a cheap beer or well) but you will also receive a copy of the new album.

Blogging of the new album, it has been well made all the way around. I wouldn’t consider myself a music critic so I’m not too big on audio and all of the other technical stuff but as a listener I enjoy the album as a whole. I imagine this album playing to people floating down the river, hanging at the beach/ pool, or on a long drive home– anything that involves hanging out with a group of people. The album has a laid-back quality about it that makes for easy listening; or a sway and a tapping of the foot while having your car on cruise control.

I could type all day long, but really the Austin Times has said it best:

“While you can read reviews of the band and descriptions of the sound, it is difficult to capture a Suite 709 performance in words, or pictures for that matter. It is something you have to experience yourself.” – Austin Times

Remember: RSVP, get an (almost) free drink, as well as a copy of Suite 709’s album, “Keys”!

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