Drink For A Cause @ Kung Fu Saloon 7/12

We’re not really scientists or anything, but we’re pretty sure drinking beers and successful child rearing usually have a negative correlation. Kung Fu Saloon hopes to reverse this unfortunate trend by hosting their Drink For A Cause event on Tuesday, July 12. For this one day only, 15% of proceeds will be donated to Austin Sunshine Camps, an organization that helps youth from economically disadvantaged homes go to summer camp for free.

The happiness of these children depends on your penchant for alcohol

Austin Sunshine Camps has been in the business of helping out underprivileged kids for the last 83 years, providing great summer memories for over 45,000 campers. Each summer, Austin Sunshine Camps puts on programs for around 850 participants ages 7-15, the majority of which live below the Federal Poverty Level. Kids attending camp are treated to daily healthy meals, a host of leadership development opportunities, and plenty of avenues for artistic expression.

While the camps are absolutely free for the participants, it costs around $340 per camper to run the camp. This is where you come in! Kung Fu Saloon enables you to chug for charity by offering 24 beers on tap, along with their special sake bomb menu. And while you’re boozing for benevolence, enjoy over 16 vintage arcade games sprinkled amongst other diversions such as skee ball, shuffleboard, and foosball.

These taps typically pour beer, but if you skip out on this event, the salty tears of disadvantaged children witll flow from these spigots

Of course, the best part is telling your mom that all of those times she yelled at you to quit playing video games and drinking so you can get a real job, you were actually just training to save the children. And don’t we all need another reason to throw back a brewski? Yes. Yes, we do.



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