Embrace Your Inner Geek Day

National Embrace Your Inner Geek Day!!!

Every year there is one day set aside (July 13th) for people to fly their Geek Flag! What better excuse could think of to go do those things that are super geeky that you’ve always wanted to try? We here at Do512 have put together a list of things you could try out on (or around) July 13th.

Dragon’s Lair:
New Comic Book Day! – have you ever seen a guy in a Green Lantern shirt skipping down the street yelling “New Comic Book Day! New Comic Book Day!”? Well it happens, and that day is every Wednesday. New Comic Book Day is where local shops get their brand new shipments of comics and graphic novels. This is a great place to start if you’ve ever been interested in reading comics. I’d suggest starting with a series such as FABLES or SANDMAN that are well known indie titles and that DL will have in stock for sure. Ever wanted to see what Batman and Superman are currently up to? New Comic Book Day has the latest single issues (roughly $3 a pop) and are a nice little peek into the super hero comics.

Board Games – No I’m not talking about your Momma’s Scrabble. The staff at DL is very knowledgeable about the large amount of board games they carry. They have not only large games that can take anywhere from 8-14 hours (yes! 14 hours!) to play but also family fun causal games. One of the best party games I know is Apples to Apples and Killer Bunnies. Both can be picked up for about $30 each and the rules are simple enough to be learned within 10 minutes.

Miniatures – Did you paint your Legos as a kid? Do you have a kid that paints their Legos? Have you ever considered the hobby of miniatures? Wait! Wait! Don’t stop reading. Most miniature hooiests paint as part of a larger game. Take for example Warhammer; this is a game of strategy and craft. Miniatures are bought of the army you wish to build (i.e. Elves, Space Marines, Orks…depending on what type of game you want to play, Fantasy or Sci-Fi), you get painting supplies, create your army however you want, and play! DL is the hub of mini gaming right now and a great place to start. Does this sound kinda awesome? Well it is! If you have a youngster who might enjoy this there’s a Warhammer Hobby Camp going on this summer. You just have to buy the base army for your kiddo and DL staff does the rest to provide them with everything they need. There’s also an advanced painting class on Thursday nights at 7pm for you to check out what is really possible with these miniatures and some paint.

Austin Books and Comics:
The Red Wing Signing and Sketching, July 13th 4-7pm –
Artist Nick Pitarra will be in the store signing his new book “The Red Wing” from Image Comics. The book is written by indie comic darling Jonathan Hickman (see “A Red Mass of Mars” and “Nightly News”) who is known for his very strong story telling. This is a great oppurtunity to speak with Pitarra, get a few sketches done and grab the new book. It’s set to be a four-parter and another new classic for Hickman and a great start for newcomer Pitarra.

What? You don’t think you can be geeky about knitting? It’s not just for grandma you know. How awesome would it be to be able to give away home made scarves and hats this Christmas?
Check out these neat-o stores and meet ups around Austin to find out more about this ancient art. Many groups are extremely open to new members.

LAN Gaming at Tek Republik:
Enjoy video games? Ever wanted to play PC games on top of the line computers, just to see how they play or what it’s like to play a video game as a team? Check out Tek Republik for all your LAN gaming needs. Go with a friend or two and keep cool this hot summer while playing games on systems Bill Gates couldn’t afford. Rates can be very fairly priced ($3.50/hour) and I’d check out their list of games to see if they have anything you’ve ever wanted to test run.

These are just a few suggestions of what you can do this July 13th, none are too pricey and who knows maybe you’ll find that true inner Geek.

Written by Geeky Staff Writer: Sarah Arnold

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