Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part 13

Every Monday we like to take a look at what some of the Do512 All-Stars have been up to. They are a group of Do512 users who do cool things in Austin and keep an eye on the local scene. We think our All-Stars are pretty damn cool, and every time we check up on them we find something interesting and informative. That’s what these weekly All-Star spotlight are all about. Check out this week’s list of selected updates from around the Austin internets:

All-Star: Austin On Stage is your online source for Austin’s Performing Arts. A couple of current performances they just told us about are the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for Run at State Theatre and 69 Love Scenes at Salvage Vanguard Theatre:


Following its hit run in Georgetown, the Georgetown Palace Theatre will remount its production of the Broadway musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for a two weekend staging at Austin’s newly reopened State Theatre.  The production runs August 18th through 28th.

Based on the 1988 movie of the same name and written by Dale Launer, Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning, the Broadway musical features music and lyrics by David Yazbek and book by Jeffrey Lane.  The story follows two competing con men living on the French Riviera.

Palace Theatre production stars Joe Penrod, Andrew Cannata, Patty Rowell, Michelle Cheney and Rick Felkins will recreate their roles for the remounted production.  Mary Ellen Butler will again direct, with musical direction by Cliff Butler.

Click here to read more..! Theater Projects restages what was deemed last season as their most ambitious project to date – the play 69 Love Scenes, based on the titles, themes and situations presented in all 69 songs from the Magnetic Fields’ triple album 69 Love Songs. Running July 8th through 23rd at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre, the 69 scenes about love, love songs and the use and abuse of both will mirror the three-album nature of Stephin Merritt’s opus.

“While developing the script as well as working through rehearsal, we’ve tried to honor both the diversity and wholeness of Stephin Merritt’s work,” Syam said. “Our production sweeps from the wonderfully absurd to the heartbreakingly tragic, from highly choreographed movement pieces to sketch comedy, from one-off pieces to narrative arcs.”

Adam Hilton provides musical direction, with set design by Connor Hopkins, lighting design by Brigitte Hutchison and video design by Courtney Hopkin and Brandon Paul Salinas. Ace Manning provides technical direction, with choreography by Caitlin Reilly, costumes by Heather Koslov and props by Jodi Odness.

Click here to read more..

Follow them on Do512 and @austinonstage


All-Star Vivogig hosts weekly podcasts where host Daniel Senyard interviews bands with and has the fans submit questions. You’ll find all kinds of music and get to know new bands at They recently published a video podcast with the Bright Light Social Hour:

Podcast #21 – The Bright Light Social Hour is in iTunes Now!

This week’s interview with The Bright Light Social Hour was a special collaboration between vivogig and BandLENS – We did the usual audio but they videoed the talk. The full audio interview is available, as usual, in iTunes but due to the length it, we are going to be releasing the video version in three separate installments – Part 1 below.

This interview was a real pleasure to do, both because of the ease of working with BandLENS and the laid-back attitude of the band. We interviewed them out on the deck of their band house and were treated to a tour of the “grounds,” including a tasting from their pear trees. Really.

Check out the video portion of first part of the interview here and subscribe and download the full audio version on iTunes.


  1. How did you guys all meet?
  2. What does the band name mean?
  3. What is your songwriting process like?
  4. What are your influences/what are you listening to right now? Favorite song?
  5. In a facial hair fight between your long hair and mustaches and Quiet Company’s beards, who would win?
  6. Do you ever get a hole in your thumb from slapping on the bass? Flea used to put super glue in his hole. do you have a secret fix?
  7. Does Jacks carpet match his stache?
  8. When are you guys coming to Canada to lay waste to the Great White North?
  9. When are we going to see another non-live music video from you guys?
  10. Where do you see The Bright Light Social Hour in five years?
  11. Coke or Pepsi?
  12. The lead guitarist seems kind of shy, although of course he is the incredible lead singer with an amazing voice. Is he shy behind the scenes? Or am I just crazy?
  13. When did AJ get good at singing? He used to sound like two cats fornicating in a heroin den.
  14. When sharing a groupie on tour, is it bad etiquette to cross swords?
  15. What happened to the 14 inch party dildo? (seriously)
  16. Does Jack lose his voice singing like that?
  17. Who are each of your favorite songwriters/composers?
  18. For each band member, who’s the most beautiful woman alive?
  19. What’s your favorite album from the last 10 years?
  20. Who’s the most talented Austin band/artist from the last 5 years? (not including you)

Click here to read more..

Follow them on Do512 and @vivogig


All-Star Tiffany Diane is a journalist, designer and fashionista who lets us in on her daily life happenings at her blog austinisburning. Two of her recent updates involved her work with the Dog & Pony boutique:

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Literally about to go set up for this!
Come come come! I’ll be working the Dog + Ponybooth, and let me tell you, it’ll be good.

Sunday, July 10
Noon – 8 p.m.
29th Street Ballroom
2908 Fruth Street

Today’s vendors include:

American Icon
The Fresh Up
Las Cruxes
Pink Fox Vintage
I Luv Video
Dog and Pony
Slinky Whistle Bait
Magnolia Family Vintage
Pop Noir
Palamino Vintage
Stray Cat Booth
Meow Mod
Black Magic Roller Coaster
Charm School Vintage

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Recently styled a lookbook for Dog and Pony, a local boutique, for their latest shipment of Motel Rocks. Here it is:

Model: Beth Zimmerman
Photographer: Kathleen Tso
Styled by me

This shoot was so much fun to put together and execute. Everybody can already tell that I am a regular shopper at new boutique Dog and Pony already, but now on top of helping with creative projects like this photo shoot, I am helping curate the vintage selection at the store.


All-Star: Mofoz is a streetwear/lifestyle brand that promotes contemporary fashion, art, music and design. They’re just a creative bunch of guys, doing what they do and love, and then letting us in on it. They have a habit of creating really cool Custom Kicks and art, and recently did a sweet job customizing a boombox:

Custom TDK Boombox

This custom painted boombox was done for a friend of ours that wanted some dope graphics painted on this new school boombox. This TDK blaster is sweet, nice black finish on the front of it, minimal knobs, and it has inputs for USB, RCA as well as a 1/4 inch jack so that you can plug an instrument into it and play using the boombox as an amplifier. Artist, Marc Zuazua painted the boombox using acrylic markers, and painters tape to create the “cassette tape” graphic.

Custom TDK Boombox by artist, Marc Zuazuacustom TDK BoomboxCustom TDK Boombox by artist, Marc ZuazuaCustom TDK Boombox by artist, Marc Zuazua

Follow them on Do512 and at @mofoz

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