Laser Light Spectacular featuring The Nadis Warriors and more at Weirdo’s

Laser Lights, love, and healing? That’s right. It may sound like a peculiar combination, but get ready because Nadis Warriors will be live at Weirdo’s on July 16th!

If you haven’t listened to Nadis Warriors’ music, you’re in for a treat. While difficult to pinpoint, Nadis Warrior’s style is like a medley of musical goodness that draws from the roots of dub, drum ‘n bass, trance, funk, and jam styles of music. It gets better. Nadis Warriors’ usage of subtle rhythms/tones, Tibetan Singing bowls, and specific chords are sure to create a musical experience that will stir not only the senses but also the soul.

These musical warriors have been spreading their music magic all over the map. They’ve played at Nocturnal, Jazz Fest, Sonic Bloom, The Manifestation Celebration feat. Alex Grey, Wakarusa, Interstellar Meltdown, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Camp Bisco!

Don’t miss this opportunity for a night of laser lights, dancing, and music that will entrance your senses.

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