RJD2 with Almost Honest at The Belmont 7/30

For aficionados of hip hop, RJD2 is a familiar name in the realm of talented producers. Since the late 90s, RJD2 has been the man behind the beats for several hip hop outfits, first collaborating with the Columbus-area rap group Megahertz under Bobbito Garcia’s famed label, Fondle ‘Em Records. More recent successes include RJD2 teaming up with rapper Blueprint to form the acclaimed Soul Position, releasing four solo albums, creating his own record label, and collaborating with a host of indie rappers and other artists.

Granted, producers can’t live on cred alone. RJD2 backs up all of the positive buzz with hooks that you’ll be humming in your head (or perhaps out loud, if you’re feeling bold) for days on end. If you’ve watched TV between now and, oh let’s say about 2002, you’ve probably heard his single “Ghostwriter” used as a catchy background for everything from Saturn cars to Blackberry phones. And for those Mad Men disciples out there, RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” is the basis of the show’s title track. If you aren’t a fan of corporations sullying the tracks of your favorite artist, check out the latin jazziness of “1976” or the soulful melodies of “Smoke and Mirrors.”

Performing with RJD2 is Almost Honest, a band in the midst of recording its debut album. The band already has a cloud of fame attached to their fledgling group, with super producer James Saez (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Green Day) and Grammy-winner Clark Germain (U2) producing and engineering the album respectively. As a special bonus, Austinite and Ben Harper veteran Juan Nelson will be joining Almost Honest on the bass.

The show will be at The Belmont with doors at 8, meaning you can enjoy all of the venue’s swank while you wait to secure your seat. Plus, enjoy $19.95 prime rib before the show and happy hour specials after the show. If you’re part of that rare breed that enjoys kickin’ concerts, great food/drinks, and historic venues, you would be wise to buy tickets immediately. Last time RJD2 was in town, his show sold out Emo’s large room in no time at all. Visit the event page for information on purchasing tickets so you can snag a pair. It’s the only way to ensure you’re not spending Saturday night at home wishing you were dancing to one of hip hop’s premier producers.

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