Band of Heathens w/ Cowboy & Indian @ The Parish

Five years ago, if you asked me if I liked country music, I’d have said “NO.” mostly because I associated it with Kenny Chesney and Toby Keith, who I’ve never quite gotten along with sonically.  Since then, I’ve discovered bands that can totally be classified as country music, but they have an older, dustier, darker sound to them, that just resonates in way that I really dig.

Band of Heathens, for example, are a group that have that country twang, but instead of having crystal clear vocals over perfect stock telecaster riffs singing about tractors, (barf.) they take it a step further, adding a roughness to their music that is real.  Many of their songs are textured with spooky reverb, distant percussion, and rugged guitar, both electric and acoustic, and crying harmonica.  Their lyrics about life, death, sorrow and travelin’ are reminiscent of Neil Young and The Band, which add to their authenticity all the more.   I didn’t think that was possible for a country music group, but I, like…believe them.  Whoa.

Check out a song from their ACL Live performance:

From right here in Austin, Band of Heathens is a group that not only can be described as country, but they’ve got their hands in blues, americana and folk as well.  Gearing up for a national summer tour, they’re kicking off from home, with a show at The Parish, this Saturday (7/16) with another great local group, Cowboy & Indian.  Check out this video of them performing “Little Bird.”   

Band of Heathens will also be stopping by the Do512 Lounge this Friday to play a taped session for us and some of our friends, along with the handsome Crooks.

Band of Heathens w/ Cowboy & Indian

Saturday 7/16 @ The Parish


It should be a night of gun slingin’ ballads, boots and bandanas.

Want to get in for free?  Like the event on here, for a chance to win a pair!

See you there!

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One Response to Band of Heathens w/ Cowboy & Indian @ The Parish

  1. Clay Dixon says:

    BOH is truly a great band. I am so happy they are getting more and more of the spotlight as the years go by though I do miss being able to sit at MoMos in a crowd of 8-9 people tops and relaxing to their unique style. Keep rocking guys!

    -Clay Dixon

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