Spas in Austin

We’ve all had those days where we wake up and it looks like a pepperoni pizza flew off the roof of a car doing 80 on the highway, flew through the pollution of the earth and sea and landed square on our face.

Usually, this type of thing happens right before a hot date with that guy (this one has a job!) or your best friend from college’s wedding. Ugh. Wedding. That’s just what you can see in the mirror. Let’s not even talk about the dirt from last year’s ACL and the cigarette smoke blown into your face at Stubb’s that’s so far down in those pores that “simple extraction” is a downright laughable term.

If you weren’t stressed before reading this, we’d bet that we probably brought a little stress on just now. Don’t worry. Massages can fix that. Ahh…a massage. Take a moment to picture yourself surrounded by candles and warm lavender towels ridding yourself of worry and strain. Sold. Where to go?

We decided instead of taking the time to pluck our unsightly eyebrows ourselves, we’d make a list of professionals we can pay to do it for us.

Here’s a list of all the spas in Austin. Massages to ease those bad days at work, eyebrow shapers that will tame those caterpillars on your face, lemongrass scrubs, facial steams and the warmest of towels can be found at these spots.

Take a day (or an hour!) to yourself and take advantage of all of the pros who will restore your skin to its pre-SXSW, summer baked, alcohol dehydrated skin because goodness, it does feel nice.


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