Texas Rollergirls: Texecutioners vs. Denver Roller Dolls

Roll over onto to some new action or get elbow checked.  Aggressive women skating for glory is a thrill a lot of people are showing up to watch these days.  The Texas Rollergirls Rock-N-Roll Rollerderby combines our beloved sports and music.  A great Texas combination for Texas people.   The Texecutioners will the blaze a flat track, now commonly used by the Texas Rollergirls, against the Denver Roller Dolls downtown at the Austin Convention Center.  Watch the bout or wish you were tough enough in Exhibit Hall 5 at the convention center, and you can also catch Ringo Deathstarr after the main event.

Doors open at 5:15 and kids under 12 are FREE.  This is really action fueled entertainment for not much money. Advance tickets will run you $12.  These teams of the Texas Rollergirls are skater owned so these ladies are out to impress and compete at an un-cautious pace. Go see this Saturday, July 16, but also get that Rollerderby fix at a bout  right around the corner on Saturday August 6.

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