Ice Cream in Austin

THIS is a work day intervention!  Did ya know that Sunday July 17 is National Ice Cream Day? Oh yes.

It’s Thursday. 3 pm. You sit at work, look at the clock, look at the computer, look at your hand, think that fingers look really weird, back at the clock, back at the computer, then stare at the post-its from your soul sucking boss and say “MAN, I need some ice cream.”

That’s where we come in. Shh it’s ok it’s ok.

So we’d really love to start a side business where we just wear cute little outfits and travel about delivering ice cream to all the folks who are a little warm and need a snackie but alas, we can’t figure out who would do it. Walking is hard in heat. Instead, we compiled a full list of all the ice cream in Austin. Find the one closest to your office, get you some mint chocolate chip, trot back to your cubicle with a smile and tell your boss that they’re a cone head…ice cream cone heyo! Ha.


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