Keeping Up With The Do512 All-Stars: part 14

Every Monday we like to take a look at what some of the Do512 All-Stars have been up to. The All-Stars are a group of some of our favorite Do512 users who do cool things and stuff around town, and then make their adventures/interests/work/opinions available for public consumption through a website, blog, magazine etc. This is one small way to keep an eye on the local scene, to find new things to see and do, and to get your social network on. We think our All-Stars are pretty damn cool, and every time we check up on them we find something interesting and informative. That’s what these weekly All-Star spotlight are all about. Check out this week’s list of selected updates from around the Austin internets:

All-Star: Austin Lifestyle Magazine chronicles the people, culture and the lifestyle of Austin, Texas. Every issue focuses on the Best of Everything Austin has to offer from entertainment, cuisine, home, culture, trendsetters and fashion. Everything from the next event you should check out to the latest fashion trends and must have gadgets… this magazine is about what is new and fresh in Austin. Click the image below to check out their latest edition:

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All-Star: is a place where democracy meets popular culture. They not only try to make sure that you know about everything that is socially and culturally relevant in a timely manner, they also give you a forum to decide whether you agree on their opinions about a certain band/movie/trend/thingy. One recent thingy was a new music video from Austin’s own Quiet Company:


Quiet Company, a low-key indie band from Austin, Texas is gearing up for their next album release. They just put out a pretty cool video for one of their new songs, entitled “Fear & Fallacy, Sitting in a Tree,” which does a great job of showcasing The Live Music Capital of the World, as well as bringing me back to my childhood with the clever use of a ViewMaster. All the Quiet Company staples are here: easy listening, harmonies, repetition. They continue to be one of my favorite local bands that the locals have never heard about and are absolutely some of the nicest guys I’ve met.

Their new album, We Are All Where We Belong, will drop October 4th, and their first single from the album, “You, Me & the Boatman” will be ready for your listening pleasure in August. In the meantime, watch the video, and get a free download of “Fear & Fallacy” on their Facebook.

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All-Star: Do512 Family is a resource for family-friendly activities and businesses in Austin. Our family-minded team leader provides a constantly updated list of events that your kids will enjoy. From music to movies, theater, restaurants, parks, to everything else you can think of. The mission is to help parents in Austin find fun and interesting thing to do with their kids. Here are two of the latest updates from the Do512 Family blog:

Top 3 Things to Do With the Family This Weekend

Zilker Hillside Theatre Presents Footloose

Let’s Daaaaaaance!!!!! This year the Zilker Hillside Theatre presents Footloose. Nostalgic for you, and the kids can get a taste of the old Footloose before the remake movie comes out. It runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, through August 13th, and begins at sunset. Event is free, but parking is $3 and they accept donations.  Bring a blanket, picnic, food/drinks (no glass).  Leave the dogs at home. There are snacks and drinks at the concession stand and proceeds benefit  the production.

Splash Party Movie Nights at Deep Eddy

Float in the spring fed pool, picnic on the lawn, and watch a feature film at dusk, every Saturday this Summer. This Saturday they are screening Despicable Me. Perfect family outing for a hot Summer night! All movies begin at dusk and take place at Deep Eddy Pool 472-8546. The regular pool entrance fee covers the movie and pool entrance fee.

Free Yoga at Barton Springs 

Every Saturday through the end of July, Save Our Springs Alliance is hosting free yogaunder the big oak tree outside the Robert E. Lee entrance. Have Daddy walk the kids around town lake while you indulge in some Mama time. Then you can all meet up for a morning swim! Class is from 10-11:00. Bring a mat and a water bottle.

Creative Ways to Display Your Child’s Art

Are you running out of refrigerator space for your kids masterpieces? Create your own home gallery to display the work. When deciding how to display your child’s art, first designate a space in your home. Then you can decide which way bet suits your style. Here are some great ideas I have found.

On a Wire From the Style Files

Frame it from Blissfully Domestic

Magnetic Wall from Raising Olives

Work of Art Clips for Land of Nod

Have any other ideas? Please share…

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All-Star Pushermania has a passion for hip-hop and keeps an ear to the ground for hot new music. He also creates, promotes and attends a bunch of events around South Texas, and tells you about it on his blog Austin Surreal. Here’s what he had to say last week about the the Big KRIT show in San Antonio:

Big KRIT, Question?, Shame Gutta, Worldwide + MORE Live in San Antonio!

Maaaaaaan it really went down, last week, I know, I know, I’m late. It gets harder every day for me to sit down and do a proper post, I know, but man, seriously, don’t let that take away from the fact that it REALLY WENT DOWN! WHAT A SHOW!How often do you hear me say that about a rap show? OK Sometimes, but not all the time, that is for sure.

Also San Antonio rules. What a refreshing change from going to shows in Austin. Such energy. Shit was really real.

DJ Wally Sparks, Big KRIT, Big Sant (With Samaan, Teresa and Dutch in the background)

But before the show I had a little time so I had to do a little exploring, which turned into a lil trip back in time for me. If you don’t know, the Pearl Brewery is becoming the hippest area for music and art in Texas. Just off the Riverwalk (sort of) it occupies a part of that beautiful section in San Antonio, and is not all commercial and whatever, it’s um, as stated before, really real.

And thank God for it. Every city should have a district like this.

And an award winning beer like Pearl, though I have to say they are tripping for not having them lil stubby bottles anymore (real heads know the deal.)

So yeah, after having an incredible sandwich at Sam’s Burger Joint, I walked around a bit in the area and lo and behold I didn’t even realize I was right by the legendary San Antonio bar, Tacoland. I had just read this article in the San Antonio Current, about it’s owner, RAM, who was murdered behind the bar one night some years ago, after years of supporting indie music in this ramshackle lil spot that probably shouldn’t have been as amazing as it was.

Read the article for a little background, but in a nutshell, Tacoland was THE spot in San Antonio for local and touring punk bands to play. Ram took great care of everyone who ever played his joint, and gave everyone a chance. Even my “band” played there once. When Monster Soup and Feared Alien Voodoo would do shows together, me, and members of each band, and my boy Karl would play as PENIS, an improvisational hardcore band that featured me on xylophone and vocals. We played 3 times I think, I don’t know. One time, Shawn David McMillen from Rubble was in the band. I dunno, we were a mess, but I totally remember our night at Tacoland, cuz as stated above, it was the realest.

Anyway, one night a crazy man came in and murdered Ram and one other person, and injured another, for no apparent reason that I know of, and really that was a huge loss for San Antonio and music in general. I haven’t been there in so many years and have to say that I was sort of happy to see that it was still standing as is. A shrine to a man who really took some real music under his wing.

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All-Star Austin Bloggy Limits is a website based in Austin about music in and around Austin. They stay informed on the good shows that are coming to town and share music and video from a variety of local and up-and-coming artists. Check out two of their latest recommendations:

Iceage Play Emo’s, Can’t Buy Smokes

If you wanna ride the blog-wave and got on the front end of the hype then you best get thyself to Emo’s tomorrow night to catch Iceage. These Danish art-punks are touring the U.S. for the first time and most of them are too young to buy cigarettes. Their LP, New Brigade even landed them a spot onStereogum‘s list of the Top 20 Albums of 2011. How’s that for blog-buzz? I would compare their sound to, maybe HEALTH? It has a punk aesthetic but it’s also full of dark-goth keys and sad, moody vocals. Expect lots of glowering from the stage and some really loud guitars. On record it sounds like there will be a mix of live drums and v-drums so I’ll be interested to see how the whole thing turns out on Emo’s inside stage. If you, too, went to check out how 17 year old dudes from Denmark rock out you should grab yourself a ticket or two, they’re only $8 and it’s not sold-out yet.

Ice Age – White Rune video via YouTube

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FunFunFun Fest Leak 1 Decoded

So, this is probably all over the interwebs by this point but I was at work damn it! Being from Maine nautical flags are like my second language, so when I saw the leak from the folks over at FunFunFun Fest it just looked like words. For those of you who haven’t seen the video yet, I’ll put that here then I’ll decode the names for you below the break. Sorry if I’m ruining the fun fun fun for you.

Fun Fun Fun 2011 – Line-up Leak 01 video via YouTube

Read more!

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