Announcing Two New Goodwill Stores in Austin

Goodwill has opened two new stores in the Austin area! Do you know what that means? New places to hunt for the ever so rare cute and affordable clothing as well as other treasures and trinkets.

Let’s face it, most of us can’t shell out hundreds of bucks for a little blouse when we have to juggle paying bills, climbing gas prices, groceries etc. Affordability is something a lot of people are seeking. That’s why you should set some time aside to go check out these new Goodwills. The two new stores include the newly expanded and relocated Goodwill Outlet on Burleson Rd. & Montopolis and the one at 2814 Bee Cave Rd.

The Goodwill Outlet offers a HUGE array of items, from books and clothing to electronics and housewares. This new and expanded store is the perfect opportunity for shoppers to shop smart and find great deals. Just grab a basket and fill it to your heart’s content because you’re paying a mere $1.39 a pound for everything in the store! This new location is also a recycling center, so come and drop-off gently used items for donation to Goodwill.

The other store at 2814 Bee Cave Rd is a new Goodwill clothing boutique in Westlake. This, my friends, will be an excellent place to solve your “why can’t I find cute and affordable clothing” dilemma. Come peruse and shop the large selection of gently used apparel items for men, women, and children.

Remember, When you come explore and shop at Goodwill, you are helping fund employment training programs that help Central Texas find, obtain, and retain jobs in this community.

Now that’s what I call a sweet deal.

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One Response to Announcing Two New Goodwill Stores in Austin

  1. 95% of everything I buy (save food) comes from thrift stores. I also recommend Savers (South Lamar), St. Vincent’s (South Congress), and Half Price Books (South Lamar). I usually hit the Savers, HPB, and Goodwill on South Lamar all in the same day. Thrift shopping is great!

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