Goodwill Fashion Challenge!

There are some folks on our staff who are the most intense Goodwill store shoppers you will ever meet in your entire life i.e. Rachel and Amanda. From $40 vintage leather couches, mid-century modern dressers, or vintage wooden ladders used as planters, they have furnished houses and apartments. That’s great and all but what do they REALLY care about? Oh honey, the clothes.

There’s a Diane Von Fustenburg fur coat, Kate Spade shoes, a BCBG formal lace tier dress, a snakeskin bag, vintage boots, Anthropologie clothes with the tags still on and much more have been through the Do512 office and literally had mere pennies spent on them from Goodwill and more. Amazing.

Ellie, Rachel and Amanda all in Goodwill thrifted fashion (everything!)

We see these people every day. Bleh. We want to see YOUR thrifted treasures which brings us to the great Goodwill Fashion Challenge. Take a picture of you in your best thrifted attire, what city or where you found it and if you can remember, how much you paid for it.

Photo entries can be emailed to and we will start a running album on our Facebook page. That way, everyone can see your awesome finds and we let the public vote! If you don’t have anything thrifted in your closet, don’t fret!

Goodwill just opened two shiny new stores full of treasure just waiting to help you win some awesome prizes. The new goodwill boutique is located on 2814 Bee Cave Rd. There’s also a Goodwill Outlet that has quite an extensive array of items for…wait for it…$1.39 per pound. Hello go shopping send pictures goodbye.

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One Response to Goodwill Fashion Challenge!

  1. Amanda says:

    Aloha Do512 –
    I came across your blog and Goodwill Challenge and I wanted to wish you luck. I’d love for you to keep me posted about how its going. I, too, coincidentally just posted a Goodwill Hunter Fashion Challenge on my blog The Goodwill Hunter. I’d love for you to check out the blog and if you like it, become a subscriber. I’m a former fashion journalist, still a total fashion enthusiast and now the PR and Communications Manager for the Goodwill in Hawaii. Take Care and Happy Goodwill Hunting!! – Amanda Stevens

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