True Colors: Celebrating Shades of Diversity With Art

As most rappers, countless internet memes, and early 2000s R&B girl group 3LW will attest, haters gonna hate. That won’t be the case if the Austin Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has its way. Dedicated to fighting bigotry, the ADL promotes an agenda of justice and fair treatment for all members of society. Specifically, the Austin chapter provides a host of services, including organizing anti-bullying seminars, convening initiatives to prevent hate crimes, and even providing pro bono legal work to defend civil rights infringements.

On Thursday, July 28th, Austin ADL will host True Colors: Celebrating Shades of Diversity With Art. The event is a tolerance-a-palooza, all centered around how artistic endeavors can promote diversity. Much of the art on display will be either interactive or created live, so this is your opportunity to see a Matisse in the making. If you get tired of sporting your black beret and turtleneck and debating whether art is the essence of being, you can always just indulge in the multitude of food vendors that will be represented at the event. Here’s a not so brief list to get you salivating:

Drinks: Cruz Tequila, Tito’s Vodka, Real Ale Beer, Rockin Ritas

Eats: Zen, Hot Dang, Cazamance,Tres Amigos, Greenling, Cornucopia Popcorn

Sweets: Lick it Bite or Both, Jim Jim’s Water Ice, Miles of Chocolate

Tickets for True Colors can be purchased online at or at the doors. However, advance ticket purchases are $25 cheaper, and they ensure that you get a first-class seat to see the action. So go scamper across the interwebs, buy some tickets, and strike a blow against defamers everywhere.

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