Austin Indie Boutiques

I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that you like indie stuff. You’re obviously hip– I can tell because you read the Do512 Blog, therefore you can appreciate things like independent music, independent movies and especially independent businesses. And if you think about clothes half as much as much as I do, you’d know how important independent boutiques can be to a girl. Or anyone for that matter. Indie shops have character, one-of-a-kind inventory and all the things that make you go hmmm. In honor of National Independent Retailer Week this week (what, you didn’t know?), we’ve put together an extensive list of local boutiques in Austin, so you can find these Austin treasures in one handy location.

 Anything you need, anything you want, an independent retailer’s got it. New kicks? Try Goodie Two Shoes. Or Bootleg. Or Heritage Boot. Fancy dress? Check out Plain Ivey Jane, Blackmail Boutique, By George or any of the tons of other independent boutiques around town.

You don’t have to love shopping to support your local retailers; letting people know they exist helps a lot. It’s not easy to stand out in this town as a small business, when like magic something new pops up every day – a boutique on 2nd Street, a bar on the east side, a coffee shop down south, a high rise downtown (sigh). Independent business owners in Austin have the big ideas and the creative execution that deserve recognition. Check out the full list of boutiques – specifically clothing and jewelry retailers – here. We think we’ve got most of them, but take a look and let us know if we’ve missed anything.

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